At Dirt Wheels Magazine, we try to bring you original ATV and UTV content, but sometimes a video captures our attention that deserves recognition. ATV Adventure Vlog has been pumping out hardcore sport 4×4 ATV videos for a while now, and they always pack some major WOW factor. Some of our favorites include the Hard Trials Competitions in Romania. It’s like Endurocross on an 800-pound 4×4 ATV! Needless to say, we’re huge fans of their YouTube channel.

With its ultrawide design and powerful twin-cylinder engines, the Polaris Scrambler S and Can-Am Renegade seem to be the preferred ATVs of choice, although we’ve seen the Japanese brands and even an occasional CFMoto in the mix.

Like traditional motorcycle trial competitions, riders are required to navigate through a narrow path that entails crossing over logs and stacked rocks, passing through ditches and water crossings, and surmounting tire hills and other obstacles. The course also comprises off-camber sections that necessitate momentum and good fortune to navigate successfully. As riders are expected to stay within the course boundaries demarcated by stakes and caution tape, any deviation from the path incurs penalties. Additional penalties are imposed for stepping off the ATV or seeking external help to overcome obstacles.

The ATV Hard Trial is a challenging test that requires exceptional rider skills and benefits from a vehicle with high ground clearance and adequate wheel travel. This type of ATV competition has been previously attempted in the US at several indoor EnduroCross events, and some enthusiasts may recall the WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour. With the continued advancements in the production of modern sport 4×4 ATVs, it is only a matter of time before more extreme 4×4 ATV competitions come back in North America.

Check out the video from ATV Adventure Vlog and hit their YouTube channel subscribe button!

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