ATV Cocoon

When the winter temperatures drop, we all still want to ride. We bundle up in the warmest garments possible just to get on the trail. There is an easier way to stay warm when riding this winter, and it’s called the ATV Cocoon. The ATV Cocoon was specifically designed to be warn in sub-freezing temperatures, and we have been using the product for a couple of years now.

We first wore the ATV Cocoon last year while testing Can-Am’s track system in the mountains of Southern California. Since then, the Cocoon has been with us on many cold-weather trips.

The ATV Cocoon is available from Kolpin Powersports ( and sells for a very affordable $49. You can barely find a jacket for that price. The Cocoon is an oversized poncho or trench coat garment that snaps on to your ATV bodywork, trapping the engine’s heat and transferring it to the rider’s body.

Installing the dozen or so snaps is easy. They screw right through the plastic bodywork in seconds. Being snapped to your ATV may not seem safe, but if you do need to dismount your machine in a hurry, it can be done safely and quickly.

The garment itself is a very comfortable piece that you wear just like a jacket or a trench coat. It’s actually as comfortable, if not more than, a Carhart jacket. When not riding your ATV, you can raise the bottom portion of the jacket up and clip it out of the way so it doesn’t drag on the ground. And when you don’t need the Cocoon, it can be stowed away in a convenient pouch that mounts to your ATV.

The ATV Cocoon works best on utility machines but could be made to work with some sport quads. It’s a good idea to make sure you do not have any leaks in your exhaust system before using the ATV Cocoon.

The ATV Cocoon is so comfortable, we wish we could zip off the lower portion and wear it as a jacket. The coat is also available in red, green and camo, and it has a hood and pockets, too.

We tested the system on several different ATVs and rode in temperatures below 20-degrees Fahrenheit. The ATV Cocoon was big enough so you could stand up and move around as much as you needed to when riding aggressively. The upper section is very comfortable and comes in red, green, blue and RealTree Max-4 camo. There is no extra charge for the camo model.

Warmth from the engine was noticeable and could be controlled either by opening the coat’s zipper or just unsnapping a section from the bodywork, allowing some heat to escape. Our test rider’s body stayed so warm, he could really notice his hands and face getting bitter cold. Handguards, grip warmers and a full face helmet are some of the other products you would want to use in conjunction with the ATV Cocoon.

The only way we could think to make this product any better is if you could unzip the bottom portion and leave it with the ATV when you are not riding. That way, you could wear the jacket off the ATV or even around town. It’s that comfortable.

Before the temperatures drop too low this winter, give Kolpin Powersports a call at (877) 956-5746 and order your own ATV Cocoon.