ATV PRO CHALLENGE: Haagsma takes it home

The ATV Pro Challenge is an ATV motocross race event on its second year running. This year’s race was held at Underground MX in Kemp, Texas, on October 10th through the 12th. Pro riders came from all over to compete in the three-day, two-moto race. There are multiple classes that riders—from amateurs to pros— can join. The track was wet and tacky, making for a great competition among the racers. Since the passing of X Games snowmobile and ATV freestyle rider Caleb Moore, many events and races have been put on in his honor. The ATV Pro Challenge was dedicated to Caleb, and the racer who took home the overall win this year was David Haagsma.


Haagsma rode conservatively during the first moto and was able to keep a consistent lead over the field. He battled Thomas Brown, who was hot on his tail during both motos. After taking the win in the first moto, David stole the holeshot for a second time during moto two, with the rest of the riders close behind. Once again, he retained the lead with his smart and fluid riding style and gained a solid lead, earning him the second moto win. We decided to catch up with David Haagsma to fill us in on how he handled the ATV Pro Challenge of 2014.


DW: Congrats on the big win. What
changed between this year and last
year at the ATV Pro Challenge?
David: The biggest change is
that I’ve been riding a lot more this
year than I did last year. Kory Ellis
has been working with me also,
which is a big help. He knows a lot
when it comes to going fast on an


DW: You raced a few nationals in
2014; do you plan on doing more in
David: Yes, I plan on doing more
nationals next year. I’ll still be more
focused on the West Coast series, but
I want to try to race as many nationals
as I can. I really enjoy racing
those guys back there.


DW: Is your West Coast WORCS/
and Quad X program/racing season
going to stay the same?
David: Next year I’ll be racing
both WORCS and Quad X. I took a
year off of racing Quad X, so it will
be nice to get back out and go for
the championship again. I’ll also be
stepping up to the Pro SxS class in

DW: Will there be any changes to
your Honda/suspension/motor/gear
sponsors for the coming season?
David: I’m happy to say, all my
sponsors are staying the same. All
the stuff we run is top-notch, and
the people behind me are great. My
sponsors have been so supportive,
and I can’t do it without them.

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