A MonsterZ Production By the staff of Dirt Wheels Photos by Craig Israel

Brent Griffith, aka the “Honda King,” added a new nickname to his list back when his Outlander was still in stock trim. He told us, “It started out in the beginning of 2021 while I was in a stock ATV race. I hit a log on the course, and it propelled me in the air and threw me off the bike. My legs kicked back so high that everyone started saying I looked like Buzz Lightyear flying through the air.” He ran with the idea, his best friend Austin Wilson, and they decided to build Buzz and Woody bounty-hole bikes. “It took about a year to get all the parts, and multiple shops were involved. We have around $80,000 in each one. Now we are building a Defender Limited Pizza Planet Truck with an on-board claw machine that will grab the aliens out of a bin,” Brent told us.

It started as a nickname that turned into one heck of a build. Now it’s in the form of a badge of honor at the back of this build that fittingly started out as an Outlander. Out of this world!
A dual Empire exhaust sits out back. We can only imagine you can hear this machine coming and going.


The clear CVT cover shows the clutches spinning and ready for takeoff, and they are helped by a 90-shot of NOS. Every part of this build was well thought out.

To keep with the Toy Story movie theme, Brent has an “RC car” Polaris RZR RS1 in the works as well. Yes, it will actually be remote controlled. However, before that machine gets finished, we’ll look closer at the one that went to infinity and beyond with a handful of photos and a complete build sheet. MonsterZ Productions was in charge of the build process, and this is another great example of what they are capable of. If you have a wild build idea and are looking for someone to bring it to life, give Jay a call at MonsterZ Productions.

The tire and wheel setup is straight from the farm. The two-piece plastic tires are off an irrigation system and go by the name Rhinogator.
Turner is the choice of axles for any big mud build. They know how to get the most articulation out of an axle, as well as having the strength to turn the massive tires.
The original Toy Story movie featuring Buzz Lightyear has remained popular since its release back in 1995. A new version of the hit movie called Lightyear will be out this summer.

Monsters lifted the machine 18 inches between the SuperATV lift and the GDP portals. In addition to making the Outlander wider and taller, the displacement was bumped to 1108cc to help spin the monster 38-inch tractor wheels and colorful 56-inch plastic tires. The brightly colored tires have two half-circle segments that slide onto the rims and bolt together. They are solid tires made for slow-moving irrigation machines. Inquiring minds want to know: how do they handle more than 100 horsepower? The tires are solid with no air, so at least they won’t go flat.

The long trailing arms help stretch the Outlander 11 inches over stock. Loaded Motorsports took care of the custom powdercoating.
SuperATV is a major sponsor of this build and all of MonsterZ’s projects. They have parts for any project—from mild to wild.


Few of the Outlander’s original systems and features are left untouched. It is easy to see how the price escalated. Every visible and hidden surface has been massaged, modified, painted, plated or powdercoated. Just the cost to strip a 4×4 quad frame completely is daunting. Then, all the parts must be modified and reconstituted into a complete, show-quality—but running—machine.

To our minds and eyes, the creators have nailed the Buzz Lightyear feel and color palette. This truly looks like a machine ready to go to infinity and beyond as long as infinity has enough bounty-hole mud!

Of course, this is a wild build in all, but it was the Can-Am Maverick X3 front end that really sets it apart from other mud quads out there.


Builder: MonsterZ Productions, (407) 680-8178

Owner: Brent Griffith

Machine: Can-Am Outlander 1000

Engine: 1108cc by Power Toys of Texas

Fuel/Boost: 110 octane, 20-shot NOS

Exhaust: Empire Industries dual

Suspension: 10-inch Performance ATV lift, 11-inch PATV stretch

Portals: SuperATV GDP 8-inch w/ 60-percent reduction

Driveshaft: Turner

Trans Gearing: Turner

Axles: Turner

Front diff: Halo

Rear diff: Maverick

Clutches/cover: STM Rage 6/AM Custom clear

Body work: X3 front clip

Grill: Rogue

Paint: Select paint & graphics

Powder coating: Loaded Motorsports

Tires: 56-inch, 2-piece plastic Rhinogator Irrigation tires

Wheels: 38-inch Tractor wheels

Bars/grips: ODI

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