Budget performance quad for teens

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


It’s easy to assume that machines made in China are inexpensive because they are of poor quality. While this stereotype can be true of some brands and models, the Kayo Storm’s performance and finish have assured us that it is not in that category.

When we first received the little quad, we immediately noticed a few things. First and foremost the suspension. Most teen-sized Chinese quads come with limited front and rear suspension that aren’t sprung or damped correctly for an actual kid. Second, we noticed the easy and reliable electric start. Some smaller quads either have a difficult pull start, or the electric start is finicky.

However, the Kayo started right up and continued to be easy-starting even after sitting for several weeks. Our resident kid quad tester wasn’t super pumped to do the initial testing on a cold, windy day. However, it didn’t take her long to have a light-switch moment—this machine is serious competition with impressive performance.

Our youth quad tester is 5-foot-7 but is light, so she found the Kayo was fun with plenty of response and power.

The Kayo Storm has a 140cc engine that is meant to help teens make the transition to a bigger quad, and it certainly has the power to do just that. It isn’t as fast and powerful as a full-sized sport quad, but it is zippy enough to make any junior rider feel like they’re running with the big dogs. We never felt like the power or engine braking was too jumpy, and even when pushing it, we never felt like we were out of control.

For a 140cc engine, the electric-start, auto-clutch Kayo engine has a lot of performance available at a push of the thumb throttle.



With first through third, neutral and reverse, the semi-automatic transmission makes it super easy to ride, and the responsive handling make it a ton of fun. However, we did find that the vintage-style, heel/toe foot shifter took some getting used to. The Storm is average-sized for its class, but weighs in with some of the lighter 90cc-class quads. Whether we were burning out a small track or pulling wheelies up a bank, the quad felt centered and stable, which are major factors for making your grom feel confident as they ride.


We would be lying if we said we weren’t surprised by the Storm’s performance. It is new to the U.S. market, and we had no previous brand association to go by. Overall, we were impressed by the quality and performance of this machine. The Kayo makes for a great transition for growing riders, and it comes in at a very reasonable price of $2250. To learn more about the Kayo USA lineup, go to www.ridekayousa.com or (909) 823-2903.

The Kayo USA 150 Storm is a compact quad and fairly light as well. The engine size mandates it for riders 14 years of age and above.


Engine Air-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke,single-cylinder

Displacement 140cc

Starter Electric with recoil backup

Fuel system Carbureted

Fuel capacity 1.8 gal.

Transmission 3-speed semi-auto w/reverse

Final drive Chain

Suspension/wheel travel:

Front Double A-arm

Rear Swingarm


Front Dual hydraulic disc

Rear Single hydraulic disc


Front 20×7-10

Rear 19×10-9

Length/width/height 60.6”/37.9”/38.6”

Ground clearance 5.1”

Wheelbase 39.3”

Curb weight 269 lb.

Colors Black, white, red

Price $2250

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