Small quads that kids and parents will love

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Suzuki says that adult supervision is required for these machines, and we had both the adults and older siblings keep an eye on the younger ones as well.


Until seeing them parked together side by side, you could be forgiven for thinking the 2018 Suzuki QuadSport Z50 and QuadSport Z90 are the same machine but in different colors. Both machines share many features and technical specifications but are physically distinct. For example, they have a sturdy but compact steel frame with single-A-arm front suspension and swingarm rear suspension.

The same is true of the drum brakes—two front and a single rear—and the automatic CV transmission. Both have electric starting with a back-up recoil rope starter. The pair differ in physical size, tire and wheel dimensions, and engine type. While the pair are air-cooled four-strokes, the Z50 is a push-rod engine while the Z90 is overhead cam. The Z50 is for riders over 6 years old, and the Z90 is for riders over 12 years old.

Each one has a keyed ignition, so adults can maintain control of ride time and an adjustable throttle limiter. The Z50 also has a tethered kill switch on the back. An adult can walk/run behind the quad and kill the fun if it gets out of hand. Our quads had been sitting, so they needed the pull starter the first time; they started easily, but it was nice having the electric start after that.

The engine will not start unless the left-side hand brake is pulled in and locked. Pulling in the lever isn’t too bad for a small person, but it takes a firm push to engage the lock deeply enough to bypass the starter lockout. If the engines quit or are turned off out of the sight of adults, the rider may have to walk back for help.

Neither machine will start unless the rear brake lever is pulled in and locked. That isn’t an easy task for a small rider.



Once the engines are running, riding either machine is a breeze with the automatic CVT. Either one is comfortable with accurate handling, but the Z50 is truly sized for kids only. With wider appeal, the Z90 can be ridden by nearly anyone, and it was great for teaching some adult beginners to ride. A speed-limiter collar in the automatic clutch holds the Z90’s top speed to 15 mph, but it accelerates and climbs well. Our teen riders liked the comfort and the handling, and they didn’t feel like they would grow bored with it. The speed limiter can be removed after the rider gains ability.


Any youth rider should be delighted to have machines this capable and comfortable. They look cool, the engines are responsive and the drum brakes are powerful. Each has a 12-month warranty as well. These machines are super quiet and are loads of fun. To learn more about the Suzuki lineup, go to www.suzukicycles.com.

These two youth sport quads are clearly siblings, but there is no rivalry here. The Z50 is sized for smaller riders over 6 years of age and the Z90 is for those over 12 years.


Engine Air-cooled push-rod Air-cooled OHC 4-stroke single cylinder

4-stroke, single cylinder

Displacement 49cc 90cc

Starter Electric with recoil backup Electric with recoil backup

Fuel system Mikuni VM13 carburetor Mikuni VM16 carburetor

Fuel capacity 0.7 gal 1.6 gal.

Transmission Automatic CVT Automatic CVT

Final drive Chain Chain

Suspension/wheel travel:

Front Single A-arm Single A-arm

Rear Swingarm Swingarm


Front Dual drum Dual drum

Rear Single drum Single drum


Front 16×8-7 19×7-8

Rear 16×8-7 19×7-8

Length/width/height 50.0”/29.9”/30.1” 59.3”/34.4”/36.0”

Ground clearance 4.7” 5.9”

Wheelbase 32.7” 39.6”

Curb weight 174 lb 280 lb

Colors Champion Yellow Solid Black and Champion Yellow

Price $2,049 $2,949

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