Five-time GNC Champion Tim Farr has changed his focus to speed for the next several weeks during the short break in the MX series.  Round two of the GNC Extreme Dirt Track Series (formerly the TT Series) took place this past Saturday night at Birch Creek in Danville, Virginia. Honda’s Farr took third place in the first round of the series, but was not satisfied.  Suzuki’s Harold Goodman won the first round while Yamaha’s Keith Little finished second.   

The Birch Creek track was small in comparison to the other dirt tracks on the circuit.  It offered two bank turns, a few small jumps, and a shot straightaway.  Saturday night’s “Pro Show” started off with Darin Ogden winning the first heat race over series point’s leader Harold Goodman.  The second heat race of the evening was won by Keith Little.  Farr won the third and final heat race of the evening over multi-time TT Champion Shane Hitt.   

Later that night, the main event was staged in front of an impressive crowd.  When the light turned green, Goodman grabbed the holeshot from the outside.  Hitt and Farr chased him into the first turn.  Farr pressured Hitt for nearly five laps before making a pass by getting a better drive off the second bank turn and over the infield jump.  Goodman had built quite a lead in the time that it took Farr to pass Hitt.  That gap quickly disintegrated.  Farr was soon pressuring Goodman for the lead.  Lapped riders soon became another hindrance to Goodman.  On lap fifteen, Farr and Goodman went over the infield jump side by side.  Goodman had the inside line and managed to hang on to the lead by a thread.  Farr continued to try every line on the track to let Goodman know he was there. Behind the battle for the lead, Little and Ogden worked their way around Hitt for third and fourth place position.  On the last lap, Farr made the same move on Goodman that he had on Hitt earlier in the race and took over the lead as he rounded the very last corner.  The crowd cheered in appreciation for the great racing.  They could not have asked for a more exciting finish. 

“I needed this,” said an extremely excited Farr following the race!  “Harold rode a great race.  I just wanted him to know I was there and looked for any opening. I finally found it on the last lap.” 

ATVA GNC Extreme Dirt Track Series Round 2 Results:

1.        Tim Farr (Honda/Baldwin Motorsports/White Brothers/Alloy MX/DG) ? Honda

2.        Harold Goodman (Suzuki/Curtis Sparks Racing) – Suzuki

3.        Keith Little (Yamaha/Lone Star) ? Yamaha

4.        Darin Ogden – Honda

5.        Shane Hitt (Suzuki/Curtis Sparks Racing) ? Suzuki


Goodman leads the Extreme Dirt Track Series with 55 points. Farr follows in second with 51 and Little is third with 46 points. 

Special thanks to Tim Farr’s associate sponsors:  ITP, PEP, Douglas Wheel, Wiseco, DID, Kames Sports Center, Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals, Honda Genuine Parts, Walsh Race Craft, Troy Lee Designs, Hinson Racing, JB Racing, Scott, Sidi, Updog Industries, Quad Tech, Tokyo Mods, PowerMadd, Pro Taper, and State 8.

Next stop:  ATVA GNC Extreme Dirt Track Series ? Round 3 ? July 23 and 24 ? Pine Lake ? Ashtabula, OH

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