Pine Lake, the oldest running TT track in the country, hosted round three of the GNC Extreme Dirt Track Series this past weekend. Team Honda’s Tim Farr went into the race a mere four points behind Harold Goodman for the lead.  The two riders each had one win each and were in a close battle for the Championship.  Yamaha’s Keith Little went in to Pine Lake in third overall.   


Pine Lake is known for the longest and highest speed straight away on the circuit.  The infield section is known as the most difficult to pass.  This weekend was no exception.     


Unlike the other Dirt Track events that run on Saturday, Pine Lake runs the heat races on Saturday and the main events on Sunday.  Ashtabula was blessed with sun and high temperatures on Saturday.  In Pro heat one, Keith Little grabbed the holeshot over Harold Goodman.  Little led every lap and went on to take the heat race win.  Tim Farr spun off the line in the second Pro heat of the day.  Darin Ogden to grab the holeshot.  Farr battled with Shane Smith around the dangerous first corner and was pushed into the loose dirt.  Farr regrouped and rounded turn two in third position.  He quickly caught Smith and pressured him for nearly three laps before edging him out down the straight away.  Meanwhile, Ogden had built up quite a lead.  The Pro heat races were a short five laps.  Farr cut Ogden’s lead substantially, but was forced to settle for second place.


A storm blew in on Sunday and rain began to fall just as the races began.  Within an hour, the ATVA staff made the controversial decision to cancel the main events even though the forecast showed clearing skies.  The races were scored on the heat race results.  There were only fractions of a second separating the two Pro heat races.  Keith Little was awarded the win, Ogden second, Goodman third, and Farr fourth.         



ATVA GNC Extreme Dirt Track Series Round 3 Results:

1.        Keith Little (Yamaha/Lone Star) ? Yamaha

2.        Darin Ogden – Honda

3.        Harold Goodman (Suzuki/Curtis Sparks Racing) – Suzuki

4.        Tim Farr (Honda/Baldwin Motorsports/White Brothers/Alloy MX/DG) ? Honda

5.        Daryl Rath (Rath Racing/White Brothers/Alloy MX) – Honda


Goodman and Little are now tied for the series lead. Farr trails by seven points. 


Farr will switch back to motocross for the next few weeks for the final two MX races of the season.


Special thanks to Tim Farr’s associate sponsors:  ITP, PEP, Douglas Wheel, Wiseco, DID, Kames Sports Center, Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals, Honda Genuine Parts, Walsh Race Craft, Troy Lee Designs, Hinson Racing, JB Racing, Scott, Sidi, Updog Industries, Quad Tech, Tokyo Mods, PowerMadd, Pro Taper, and State 8.



Next stop:  ATVA GNC MX Series ? Round 11 ? July 31 ?Unadilla ? New Berlin, NY

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