New Roof Top Stereo systems unleash six levels of high-end audio performance that will enhance any offroad adventure.

Segway Powersports is pleased to announce they have partnered with powersports and marine aftermarket audio specialists, Audioformz, to offer premium stereo rooftop systems for the Segway UT10 Crew. Each AudioFormz Stereo Roof Top is meticulously engineered, featuring robust marine-grade amplifiers and speakers tailored specifically for the rugged conditions often encountered in recreational powersports activities. Fused with cutting-edge electronics and top-of-the-line speakers, all housed within a handcrafted fiberglass rooftop, these audio systems provide an unparalleled immersive sound experience, enhancing every off-road experience.

AudioFormz Stereo Roof Top Key Features
• Multiple Stereo Top Levels – With six unique audio levels to choose from,
customize your audio to be as mild or wild as you like
• Molded Fiberglass Design – Is stronger than aluminum and plastic, with a
stylish look that matches the ruggedness of the UT10 Crew SxS
• Customizable Audio Options – Includes three levels of performance, multiple
amplifier options, and the ability to add up to four 10-inch subwoofers
• Bluetooth Connectivity – Provides a range of wireless streaming options,
crystal-clear sound, and multi-zone volume control options
• Quick and Easy Installation – Simple two-wire hookup for a hassle-free setup

” We are pleased to join forces with Audioformz, a leader in the powersports market renowned for delivering high-quality audio solutions to off-road enthusiasts,” says Gabriel Cruz, Marketing Director for Segway Powersports. “We pride ourselves on aligning the Segway brand with top-tier aftermarket solutions. Partnering with Audioformz to deliver an unparalleled audio experience for the industry-leading UT10 Crew further enhances the overall experience.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Segway Powersports,” adds Ronnie Cherry, CEO of AudioFormz. “By integrating our premium audio products with Segway’s state-of-the-art machines, we’re enhancing the thrill and the comfort of every ride. Our shared vision of quality and innovation drives us to deliver products that transform the way riders experience the great outdoors while pushing the boundaries of performance and entertainment in the offroad community. Building high-quality audio products for a brand like Segway Powersports is both an honor and a responsibility. It’s about delivering products that enhance the adventure, performance, and enjoyment of every Segway ride.”

For more information about Segway and its expanding list of consumer products, visit or follow them on social media at @segwaypowersportsus.

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