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Why the Future of ATVs May Be Electric

Typically, when we think about electric ATVs, it is with regard to kids. In fact, we posted quite recently about electric machines for kids as a sort of in-between step during the learning progress. A young rider can easily transition from toy vehicles, to a small, electric ATV, and ultimately to a fully gas-powered off-roader […]

Why Should You Check the VIN Code Right Now?

Each vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, has its own unique identifier — the VIN code that allows you to find out just everything about the means of transport. This number is assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer and serves as its ID. Every driver must know how to determine the VIN […]

New 2020 RZR Pro XP LE Orange Madness

2020 PRO XP Polaris RZR introduced the RZR® PRO XP Orange Madness LE and RZR® PRO XP 4 Orange Madness LE, a new limited edition model to the 2020 RZR lineup. The RZR PRO XP Orange Madness LE, is equipped with the ultimate trail performance that can only found in the RZR PRO XP lineup, including a 64-inch width […]


Corbin Leaverton picked up his third win in the SXS Pro Production class as the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series presented by Polaris RZR returned to action after taking more than two months off due to COVID-19. David Haagsma finished second, and Shawn Saxton was third. Beau Baron won the SXS Pro Stock race. […]


Keep A Lid On It Memorial Day Weekend is known for barbeques, campouts, and remembering our heroes. But did you know it is also known as the deadliest off-road weekend of the year? ATV riders who do not wear helmets are more likely to receive significant injuries to the head, face, and neck.  Because serious […]


Dirt Wheels Greatest Hits are machines that our fans liked the most according to their interactions.  So we put together the top 15 most popular posts from the last year to bring you all the best content in one package! We don’t always get a lot of information about the epic machines our readers send […]


My name is Dakota Hibler and I love to race. I was born in Orange County California but my family moved to Arizona shortly after. I am currently 12 years old and the youngest of three kids in my family with an older brother and sister. I started racing almost seven years ago when I […]


With schools closed and the pandemic keeping us cooped up with our kiddos, we need all the ideas we can get to keep us occupied and sane. Don’t worry GNCC has got us covered with even more cool race coloring pages! Head to the GNCC WEBSITE to download and print them all for free! Additional […]