Making a list and checking it twice

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Illustration: Eduardo Gutierrez


Tis the season to be jolly, and it’s easier to stay in a joyful mood if you’re not fighting crowds of aggressive shoppers at the mall. When you’re looking for a gift for off-road riding enthusiasts, there’s not much at the mall anyway catering to our specific sport. That’s okay, because it’s more fun to shop at an ATV/UTV dealership where you also get to mingle with cool machines while looking at the accessory shelves.

The thing about shopping for Christmas gifts is you tend to have a certain budget in mind based upon who the gift is for. You don’t go overboard when buying something for a riding buddy, but the price range goes up if the gift is for your dad, brother or son, or for the ladies of the family as well.

With that in mind, we put together a list here to help give you ideas on what to shop for. Hopefully you’re looking at this way before Christmas, which should give you enough time to mail-order certain things to get the best prices, but many of the items on this list you could find at your local ATV/UTV dealership. Happy shopping.


You might think these would be gifts for only little kids, but big kids like them as well. A Raptor owner typically enjoys having a small replica of his machine sitting on a shelf to admire. When no one is looking, he might even find himself racing it around on the carpet while making engine sounds. You can get really big air with these 1:12 scale-size New Ray machines. Their tires move up and down with a working suspension, and the detail is very realistic on everything. New Ray offers a good selection of the popular sport quad models, and they also have RZRs and Yamaha’s YXZ1000R. The best prices we’ve seen are from Chaparral. On their website they have the ATVs listed for $11.99 and the UTVs for $17.99. 

You’ll instantly raise your status by wearing a hat with the FMF logo on it. In case you didn’t know, FMF became well-known back in the early ’70s for building exhaust pipes for fast two-stroke dirt bikes. They continued that fame by building fast pipes for two-stroke quads too. Today, they also make fast four-stroke pipes for both dirt bikes and quads. Your riding buddy will appreciate you raising his status by giving him an FMF hat to wear, and it will only set you back $24. FMF has around 20 different styles of hats to choose from now with a few costing $32.

When you drop your lady off at the mall to shop, hopefully there’s a Harbor Freight nearby you can head over to. This is a great place to find gifts for the guys you know. You’ll see good prices on floor jacks, pressure washers, electric drills and, of course, hand tools. If you’re like us, you have a buddy who is always borrowing your tools. So, this gift here is what you get for him. The Pittsburgh 105-piece toolkit has wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, all kinds of pliers, and it comes with a four-drawer chest. This one costs $44.99, but Harbor Freight also has smaller versions for less.


Maybe you haven’t noticed, but most UTVs come without mirrors, so this is something you could get your UTV buddies. EMP is a good company to check out when shopping for affordably priced mirrors. For the RZRs and Rangers they have sets of folding side mirrors from $50 to $70. You can also get a panoramic-view middle mirror for $42. EMP has mirrors and various accessories for other UTV brands as well.

For a gift under 20 bucks, you can’t beat gloves. The Moose Racing MX1 gloves come in at $19.95 and have a pre-curved design for a good ergonomic fit. The sublimated Spandex backhand provides a breathable stretch fit for comfort and offers padded protection for your knuckles. These gloves would work well for UTV drivers along with quad riders. Moose Utility Division is where you go if you need warmer gloves for colder weather. Their black and grey leather gloves here are one of our favorites at $29.95.

Why not give a gift that helps prolong the life of a rider’s machine. Uni filters have a coarser outer foam and a finer inner foam that work well at trapping dirt while letting the engine breathe for full power. They are easy to remove, clean and re-oil when they get dirty. To give you an idea on pricing, a Uni foam filter for a Grizzly 700 costs $28.95, for a Raptor 700 is $30.95 and for a RZR XP 1000 is $68.95. Uni also sells special cleaners and oils for their filters.

Every rider needs goggles, and the most preferred ones have a roll-off system mounted to them. The mud or dirt on the lens is suddenly removed by simply reaching up and pulling the cord. A clear piece of film unrolls out of one canister as the old film rolls into the other canister. It was a great idea when roll-offs came out years ago, and the cost for these systems has been steadily coming down. The best price we’ve found today is offered by Shot Racing Gear. Their Assault roll-off goggles are listed at $34.99.


If you’re going to give someone a helmet as a gift, you want it to be a good one. The Dirt Wheels crew has always picked the VX-35 as one of the best buys for the money. The solid color models go for $139.95, and for 10 bucks more you get all kinds of graphic and color choices. What makes the VX-35 a quality helmet is its AirFit inflation system, removable and washable anti-micro liner, efficient ventilation system, quick-change chin vent and five-year warranty. Scorpion even has a pink graphic version in case you’re buying a helmet for your sister.

Here is a practical gift to help protect the appearance of someone’s machine. Dennis Kirk offers a wide variety of covers from econo to deluxe. They have a Quadboss ATV cover for as low as $35, and the price can go up to $162 for a premium UTV cover. For the guys who go hunting, they’d find this camo cover handy for hiding their UTV in the woods. It sells for $123.


You can give a Christmas present to someone and they could forget about it in 15 minutes. Or, you could give them something to make them think about you every month for a year. Yes, we’re talking about a gift subscription to Dirt Wheels magazine. For the Christmas-season price special, you can get 12 issues delivered to your friend’s home for only $16.99, and we also throw in a $25 gift card. Yeah, seriously, you actually make $8 on the deal. The gift card gives you 25 bucks’ worth of free stuff at Chaparral Motorsports, which has every ATV and UTV accessory you’d need. Hey, it’s not like us to toot our own horn, but how many deals will you find better than this? Merry Christmas!




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