BA Motorsports TRX250R Build

Old school gets a makeover!

The TRX250R is a widely popular quad among two stroke lovers because of its light frame, good handling and the liquid cooled engine paired with a six-speed close ratio transmission. So, when we caught wind of a one of a kind ’87 TRX made to dominate flat track races, we got in touch with Brian Alexander from BA Motorsports in Garrettsville Ohio to take a closer look at their unique handmade machine. It was nicknamed “10 Mile’R” because it was built for the annual “Melvin’s Gathering in the Hills” event that runs along the 10 Mile River in the hills of West Virginia.

They started with the original frame and engine cases from a 1987 TRX250R. From there they decided to run Brembo slotted rotors with dual piston calipers all the way around, as well as steel braided lines and Nacs Racing steering stem clamps. This is a much more modern and reliable’ brake system than the original models design. Using a 400EX swing arm, they customized the a-arms for help in short tight turns. Brian opted for delrin bushings rather than polyurethane for better durability and control, along with custom linkage and shocks to improve the ride. Ambrose Kalasky of K3 off-road designed the bushings and built the shocks which were PEP fronts and a Works Performance rear with limiters. This was done to lower the quad and work with the needs of this build. Along with the Rath sway bar were custom sway bar links milled by Brian’s dad Dave for better handling and power around turns. The body of the TRX is attached with custom fender brackets and hardware, all handmade and fabricated in house. All the paint, body, and graphic work was completed in house as well, down to the stitching for the seat covers and nerf nets. The three-stage translucent green work, black powder coat, and water transfer woodgrain accents were all done by George Parsons of Turtle Specialty Coatings.

The color matched 310 power valve engine started with an ESR power valve cylinder that was ported and tuned, and that was combined with a welded and balanced short rod crank. Next a digital CDI was installed from a CR250R to give more power on bottom but still carry through the top which is ideal for racing conditions. A 15-ounce flywheel reduced the original flywheel weight by more than a pound, increasing the rev curve as well as the RPM range. Some riders debate that although a lighter flywheel allows for faster rev, it doesn’t improve the top end. Feeding fuel through a Boyesen RAD valve, along with a Kiehin 39mm PWK carburetor and an open K&N air filter allows for fierce air intake and a more explosive throttle response. The original ’87 came with a 34mm carburetor which had less intake velocity than the larger one that is run on this build. The entire engine was fitted with custom bearings from CBR in California. These are made from ceramic rather steel to reduce friction and engine drag. Custom bearings included the mains, water pump, counter balancer, and all transmission bearings as well. This alone increased the horsepower by over %22. With so much dynamic intake an FMF exhaust was installed for a more systematic output. These factors help the engine to work more efficiently by increasing the amount of fuel and air intake, allowing the quad to reach peak horsepower.

TRX450 nerf bars were used, which moved the foot pegs back an inch with the one-inch shorter EX swingarm. They also shortened the shifter to accommodate the modifications and make the gear throws shorter.

This build was sponsored by Jeff Warren Racing and although it may sound like this machine is custom and handmade down to the last bolt, they did use some old school parts. The original front master cylinder cage, front bumper, and OEM skid plates were used to get that authentic R feel.

The team over at BA Motorsports started this build in May of 2015 and completed it in 6 months. Each year they try to change something or add a new unique feature. The sway bar is currently off for TT racing, and it is getting new plastics in preparation for winter. Though it was originally built to race the annual flat track quad race in memory of fallen local Melvin Lee McFoy, it is modified throughout the year to compete in other events such as 3rd Annual Wellsville Hill Climb Championships. It has also been shown off by Brian and his 4-year-old daughter while cruising around at 2017 Trials Nationals, at the Southington off road park, in Garrettsville Ohio where the BA shop is located. This quad is the legendary pride and joy of the Alexander family and BA Motorsports team, having priceless sentimental value as well as tremendous race value.

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