The most affordable race car In the Baja 1000.
Can you drive an automatic Chevy powered 170HP car will your wife race the Baja!
The X18S is ready to go out of the box for $27,995 add a fuel cell and four lights for SCORE and get the car approved by SCORE for the Baja 1000 for under 30k

We have just completed the Black X18S In the attached photos with a lot of extra bells and whistles for a special customer, check out the car and the list of upgrades this car it is ready to run the Baja 1000.

This car as built runs 45k approximately with all the extras Shown.

 SCORE is predicting this to be one of the biggest classes in Baja in the coming years Class 2 and BITD and MDR Class 3000.


We are offering limited sponsorships for customers that want to get into racing with up to $4000 in rebates and 50% off parts provided you are racing in a series, this car is set up for the Baja or desert racing we are offer similar sponsorships for people that wish to get into circle track racing in a local series.


Thank you for checking out latest and please forward the e mail to anyone you think might need a car for playing or racing.





951 259 3339


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