Barnett Dirt Digger Clutch Kits are here!

Barnett Dirt Digger high performance clutch kits feature clutch plates made with our exclusive Carbon Fiber or Kevlar friction material, tempered steel drive plates, and a set of heavy duty springs that are 10-15% stiffer than OEM. The “CF” and Kevlar materials provide a stronger, more positive engagement and the ‘segmented’ friction material design increases oil flow to the clutch providing a smoother, more consistent performance and increased clutch life. The heavy duty springs are shot-peened and heat-treated for extreme durability. All clutch kits are pre-measured for proper stack height prior to packaging to ensure reliable fit and performance. To order, please contact your dealer or order online at Made in the USA- since 1948.

Pricing varies by model- Available for all popular ATV’s and Off-Road Motorcycles

Company contact info:
Barnett Tool & Eng.
2238 Palma Dr.
Ventura, CA 93003
Ph. 805-642-9435

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