Beyond the Dirt: “Ole Girl” RZR Boasts Nearly 36k Miles

Behind every off-road vehicle are the friendships that are strengthened, the trails traveled together, the adventures that unfold, and the memories created to last a lifetime. Polaris recently uncovered one such vehicle in a letter sent to Polaris by Dan and Janie Wayne of Gassaway, West Virginia.

The Wayne’s purchased their Polaris RZR, “Ole Girl,” in 2009 and immediately fell in love with its dependability and the adventures it took them on. Dan, a Vietnam war veteran, says that “no matter what kind of jam I put it in, it always got me out.” Janie said it’s “the best investment we’ve ever made,” as its longevity has astounded them.

“Ole Girl” has served as an outlet for the Waynes to get out and enjoy life together and they’ve enjoyed the vehicle so much they’ve put nearly 36,000 miles on it. Along the way, they’ve made countless memories exploring their small town and scenic backroads of West Virginia with rides as far as 164 miles in their RZR. Polaris was so moved by their story that it had to act, and ultimately decided to go out to meet the Waynes in West Virginia and surprise them with the an all-new RZR for the Waynes to make another 36,000 miles worth of adventurous memories. The new vehicle, a 2018 RZR 900S, will come fully customized with doors, roof, a winch and front and rear bumpers to match their beloved “Ole Girl.”

Throughout the entire experience, Polaris documented the Wayne’s story and the incredible surprise gift they received. Below we’ve included a link where you can check out that video and hear from the Waynes directly about the impact that “Ole Girl” has had on their lives and the profound connection they feel to their RZR.

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