— Trinity Racing’s oversize rotor kit —

To go fast you need to be able to slow down. With the more horsepower a UTV makes these days, the better brakes it needs. In the case of disc brake rotors, bigger is better.

Trinity racing is a company that can help you improve your machine’s braking performance. They offer up a kit that includes two oversized front brake rotors and new brackets to mount your stock calipers to. The outside diameter of these big rotors is 270 mm. For a comparison, the RZR XP 1000’s stock rotors are 248 mm. The only requirement to run these big Trinity rotors is to have 14 inch wheels or bigger.

The 270 mm rotors are made from 420 grade high carbon stainless steel and have 30% more braking surface. They’re 10% thicker than stock and have a laser cut, heat treated, diamond ground surface that provides better cooling along with cleaning mud from the brake pads.

These kits are available for Polaris RZRs, Can-Am X3s, Textron Wildcat XXs and Yamaha YXZ1000s. They include two front brake rotors and two new brackets to mount your stock brake calipers. Most of the kits sell for $320.

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