Mud Flea Mayhem

One of the most Iconic ATV races of all time is the Blackwater 100. The Blackwater 100 ATV race in Davis, West Virginia is an insane, early version of the modern day GNCC race. One particular water crossing, near Route 93, attracted hoards of fans that just couldn’t help themselves from getting in on the action. The bravest of them or craziest were known as the mud fleas.

HISTORY: According to Wikipedia, the famous Blackwater 100 was shut down after the 1993 event, but by this point the GNCC series had earned the reputation as being the Premier Offroad Racing Series in America. Throughout the 90s the series would still grow more and more. With domination on the bike side by riders such as Scott Summers, Scott Plessinger and Rodney Smith, while Barry Hawk dominated the ATV side, the series gained even more mainstream coverage in various media especially Dirt Wheels Magazine.

Another interesting thing to note is in 1988, the three wheelers were still competitive against the newer four wheelers. In the coming years, the three wheelers were fazed out by most racing organizations under pressure from the government safety police. Plus, the big manufacturers like Honda and Suzuki wanted to sell four wheelers so there were bigger incentives to race the latest machines.

TODAY: There are many vintage only races as well as three wheeler classes popping all over the country. We featured one such event in Florida at Dade City Motocross recently that was a huge success. Read about that event HERE.  Furthermore, builders like BVC Trikes are creating masterpieces using dirt bike and ATV components to build modern day, fuel injected,  four stroke, ATC’s including one we featured recently in a walk around video.

What a ATV dealership will look like in heaven.

Check out the latest library of vintage three and four wheeler article HERE.   Enjoy this vintage ATV race.

In 1988, three wheelers were still racing against the newer four wheelers.


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