Bomb Squad Prepares for Winter X Blitzkrieg!

Bomb Squad Prepares for Winter X Blitzkrieg!

Two brothers from Texas ditch their dirt tires for snow tracks in hopes of reaching their freestyle dreams.??ÿ

January 5, 2010??ÿ??ÿ?????ÿCaleb and Colten Moore, of the world renowned Bomb Squad ATV Freestyle Team, have been invited to compete in this years Winter X-Games in Snowmobile Freestyle.

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The ATV freestyle stars made the transition to sleds just one month ago.??ÿ Caleb stated, ?.?ª”Growing up in Texas, we didn?.?ª™t have much of a chance to ride snowmobiles.??ÿ But since quads aren?.?ª™t a part of Summer X, we decided to take up sleds and give it a shot.?.?ª The 2 Texas natives picked up Polaris 600 IQ sleds early December and started practicing in their foam pit.??ÿ Just 2 weeks ago they loaded up and headed to Upper Michigan to try their sleds in the snow for the first time.??ÿ The first day, they were already back flipping and have now expanded into back flip variations and body varials.??ÿ You can follow the Moore

brother?.?ª™s road to X on??ÿÿand catch the event coverage on ESPN January 28.??ÿ??ÿ

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