BUILD GUIDE: Modify your ATV/UTV and Truck

Year after year, ATVs and UTVs are using more automotive components. Parts like CV joints, electronic fuel-injection systems and tires can be cross-referenced to the automotive world. So it’s no wonder we are seeing more automotive companies jumping into the popular powersports game. We have come up with a list of companies that build products for both ATVs, UTVs and the pick-up trucks we use to haul them in. This way, if you want to build some brand loyalty on and off the trail, these companies will help you go about it.


BUILDGUIDE_1_A71 Mamba Beadlock 1000x1000

Raceline Wheels has a wide selection of wheels to chose from for your ATV, UTV and pick-up truck. If you’re looking to get a matching set of wheels for each of your machines, or if you want them to each be different, Raceline has you covered. They have a few different models of their Mamba wheel in a non-beadlock and beadlock versions for both ATVs/UTVs and pick-up trucks. For the ATV/UTV, sizes available range
from 12–14-inch wheels and in a variety of bolt patterns. For the truck, they are available in 17-, 18- and 20-inch sizes. Prices may vary on models and sizes. To contact Raceline for their full lineup of products, check them out at or call (800) 529-4335.

BUILDGUIDE_2_OMF Billet Center (1)

OMF has many wheels to outfit your ride with, whether you own a ATV, UTV or truck. Reinforcement kits are also available that you can get installed on your existing wheels to make them stronger and look great at the same time. OMF offers a bolt-in billet center to allow you to change the bolt pattern, offset, style or color of the center without purchasing a new wheel. Go to www.omfperform or call (951) 354-8272 to see all their options of wheels for your machine.



Maxxis is a well-known name in the tire business, with tires for almost every application, ranging from bicycle tires all the way up to ATV/UTV and truck tires. If you’re in the market for a set of tires, then Maxxis has a wide selection to choose from, with street tires to off-road mud tires for your truck. For ATVs, they offer all styles to fit your desired riding style— from mud, sand, snow and motocross tires. With the growing popularity of UTVs, Maxxis offers tires for almost every type of terrain that you may encounter. The Bighorn is one of the top tires from Maxxis for the UTV enthusiast, and the Razr is the top tire for ATVs. To check out the full lineup of tires from Maxxis, check them out at

4_Kanati Mongrel Stage Right Open-0-2

GBC offerS tires for ATVs, UTVs, trucks and trailers. If you’re looking for tires for your truck, you can find radial and bias-ply tires in different tread patterns and sizes. Some of their most popular tires are the Kanati Mongrel that is available for both trucks and UTVs, and the XC Master and BombSquad for ATVs. They have multiple tires to choose from for your trailer, so you can really get all your tires from one dealer. To order yours, go to or call (800) 946-9412.

BUILDGUIDE_5_kr29 (Straight)-1

Kenda offers a wide range of tires for ATVs, UTVs and trucks. Like most companies, you will find both radial and bias-ply tires, along with winter snow tires. If you travel off the highway, the Kenda Klever M/T would be a great tire for your truck to get you back into your favorite riding area. For your ATV, Kenda has a wide variety of tires for sport and utility quads to suit your riding style. The UTV tire lineup has the Bounty Hunter HT and ST radials to suit your driving style. To check out the full lineup from Kenda, visit or call (866) 536-3287.



AFE has air filters and intake kits for your truck and a few models for ATVs and UTVs. AFE Power offers two air filter medias to match your driving environment and overall needs. The Pro 5R air filter media is a five-layer, progressive, cotton-gauze media that provides maximum flow and a 98.6-percent filter efficiency rating. The Pro Dry S air filter media is a three-layer, progressive, synthetic media that requires no oils to clean and has a 99.2-percent filter efficiency rating. Also available are throttle body spacers and programmers to get more power for most make and model trucks. Check their website for a full list of vehicles and products at, or call them at (951) 493-7100.


K&N is well-known in all types of motorsports. If you’re looking to help your motor breathe better, then K&N should be one of your choices. You can find a air filter for just about anything that has a motor. They also offer oil filters to help keep your engine oil stay clean. When upgrading your air filter, you allow more air to enter your engine, which creates more horsepower and better acceleration. K&N has replacement filters, along with intake kits for your truck or SUV. To see what is available for your vehicle, go to or call (800) 858-3333.



Gibson offers exhausts for trucks and UTVs to add a good-sounding tone to your machine, along with added power. Whether you have a diesel or gas-powered truck, Gibson has an exhaust for you and many different models producing mild to wild tones. All the UTV exhausts feature a USFS-approved spark arrestor and bolt on with modifications needed. Visit or call (800) 528-3044 to see the full lineup of products available for your machine.



Bilstein has a product for almost everything that has wheels on it. You’re probably thinking, what shocks do they offer for my ATV? To answer that, they have all differentsize shocks available. All you have to do is measure the lengths you need and you can have them build your shocks to fit your application. For your truck, you have a huge selection of direct bolt-in and also custom shocks. Bilstein’s most popular shock is the 5100, which also comes as a rideheight-adjustable shock. If you want to upgrade the shocks on your UTV, you have the 9100 series that comes in coil-over, external bypass and bump stops. To contact Bilstein visit www. or call (858) 386-5900.


Fox offers a variety of shocks for ATVs, UTVs and trucks. For the ATV you have different models of the Float and Float Evol for the front, the Podium for the rear and the 1.5 Podium for utility ATVs. For your UTV you have a wide selection of shocks and upgrades. Trucks have multiple options as well, with directreplacement shocks and steering stabilizers to custom shocks for modified trucks. If you’d like to see their full line of shocks and accessories, go to or call (800) 3697469.



Cognito Motorsports has been in the suspension business for some years now with products for both trucks and UTVs. They offer leveling kits, lift kits, steering upgrades, upper control arms and much more for your truck. If you’re looking to upgrade your UTV, they offer roll cages, sway bars, bumpers and suspension components. Go to or call them at (866) 426-4648 to get the full lineup of parts and the latest products news from them.


Hellwig offers a range of sway bars for both UTVs and trucks and many other applications. Many new vehicles come equipped with sway bars from the factory, but you can improve the handling by upgrading to a better sway bar. Hellwig bars are solid, heat-treated chromoly steel, and most Hellwig bars have multiple position tenability. If you’re looking to help your tow vehicle be more stable on the road while driving to your favorite riding area, then you should check out Hellwig. They also make sway bars for UTVs, as stock sway bars are susceptible to failure. To order your new Hellwig sway bar, go to or give them a call at (800) 435-5944.

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