BUYER’S GUIDE: 2017 Youth ATVs

It is our favorite time of the year again, that time when we see every new ATV model you can imagine. Recent trends are continuing—there are fewer 2WD sport models on offer, but 4×4 tech remains strong. As much as we lament the loss of sport models, the advancement of 4×4 technology is most likely partially responsible. Riders who once would have bought a sport quad (when 4x4s were basically farm implements) now choose a sporty, long-travel 4×4 for trail use. Modern 4×4 quads have as much wheel travel as many ‘80s sport quads but are far more comfortable off-road.

In the youth segment, there are new and numerous offerings of recreational 2WD quads. Some popular sport models from previous years are still available at the distributor and dealer levels, so check around if you want one. It is likely that you will find a new one waiting for a happy and proud owner.

We hope that we will see more sport ATVs hit the market, whether they are traditional solid-axle 2WDs or performance 4x4s. But for 2017, there are great options to choose from at great prices. Here we have photos, prices and descriptions of over 90 ATVs that are current for 2017. In many cases, manufacturers make several variations of a model that all look identical externally. Those machines will be grouped under a single photo, and the prices listed will be a range from base to highest MSRP.


2016 ATVs
2015 ATVs

Apex: (480) 507-5050,
Arctic Cat: (218) 681-9851,
Bad Boy: (800) 774.3946,
Can-Am: (715) 848-4957,
CFMoto: (888) 823-6686,
Hisun: (972) 446-0760,
Honda: (310) 783-2000,
Kawasaki: (949) 770-0400,
Kymco: (864) 327-4744,
Polaris: (888) 704-5290,
Suzuki: (714) 996-7040,
Yamaha: (714) 761-7300,


APEX PRO MXR 50/70/85/90/100 ($3,800–$4,000)
Apex designs sport- and racing-style ATVs for adults and children. This lineup of little shredders utilizes racing-inspired suspension, engines, powerful brakes and handling. If you want to get your child into racing track, woods or desert, Apex has a perfect ATV for their needs.


ARCTIC CAT DVX 90 ($2,899)
The DVX 90 is Arctic Cat’s sporty youth ATV. It comes with a simple two-valve, air-cooled, SOHC engine paired with an automatic CVT transmission with forward, neutral and reverse. A safety flag and working head- and taillights are standard on the little machine. Drum-type front brakes and a rear hydraulic disc slow this little ATV down.


The Arctic Cat 90 picks up the Alterra name for 2017. It shares the DVX 90 engine and frame, but it is styled as a mini version of an Arctic Cat utility ATV. Cargo racks are on the front and rear of the little machine, and its single-Aarm front suspension with swingarm rear suspension help it carry up to 25 pounds between the two racks.


CAN-AM DS 70 ($2,349)
Can-Am’s DS 70 is new for 2017 and is a great little machine to get young riders into the sport. It has a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is paired with a fully automatic CVT transmission. The hand controls are just right for small hands, and the drum brakes slow this machine down. It has both electric starting and a kickstarter.


CAN-AM DS 90 ($2,849)
The DS 90 shares the same frame and engine platform as the DS 70, but the 90 is more powerful. The automatic CVT transmission makes this Can-Am easy to operate, and there is a built-in throttle limiter. Single-A-arm-type front suspension has 3.4 inches of travel, while a swingarm rear suspension provides 6.3 inches of travel.


CAN-AM DS 90 X ($3,749)
Can-Am’s DS 90 X is more sport-oriented and wider (43.7 inches) than the DS 90 (35 inches) to give it a more stable ride for higher speeds. While the 89.5cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke motor isn’t the fastest youth ATV mill around, it is enough to compete with. The DS 90 X comes with an aluminum front bumper/number plate and nerf bars.


HISUN AXIS 110 ($2,099)
The Axis 110 is Hisun’s sportiest-styled ATV that your kid will like. It has an electronic-starting system and is electronically fuel-injected. A 108cc four-stroke engine is at the heart of this little machine. Hydraulic disc brakes help slow it down in the front and rear, and the Axis even comes with reverse.


HISUN FORGE 110 ($2,199)
The Axis and Forge 110 share the same little four-stroke 108cc engine that is fuel-injected. An automatic CVT-style transmission helps put the power to the rear wheels for your youth to have a good time riding the trails. The Forge is designed to look like a big 4×4 utility ATV. It has front and rear cargo racks.


Honda’s youth, four-speed, auto-clutch ATV is fun. The engine is a SOHC, 86cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder fourstroke that is chain-driven to a rear axle with 2.6 inches of wheel travel. The front independent suspension has 2.6 inches of travel, and dual-sealed drum brakes help slow the Honda TRX90X down with a single drum brake in the rear. You can get the youth machine in red and olive green.


KAWASAKI KFX50 ($1,999)
Kawasaki has the smaller youth market covered with the KFX50. It utilizes a 49.5cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine mated to an automatic transmission with electric start or a kickstarter. There is a throttle limiter and an engine-stop lanyard for helping parents teaching their kids how to ride. Drum brakes slow this little Kawasaki down.


KAWASAKI KFX90 ($2,599)
Another great youth machine is the Kawasaki KFX90. It runs an 89cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke powerplant paired with an automatic CVT. Just like the KFX50, it has a built-in throttle limiter and can be started electronically or through a backup kickstarter. The front suspension is a single-A-arm type, while the rear suspension is a solid rear axle.


The Mongoose S 90 is rated for kids that are 10 years old and up. The little ATV is electronically started and has a smooth CVT transmission with reverse. A throttle limiter comes on the machine so you can set your youth’s speed. The suspension has spring-preload adjustments to set a smooth ride.


This little fun machine is rated for kids who are 6 years of age and up. It comes with a throttle limiter and safety tether. An easy-to-use push-button starting system comes on the 70S, as well as a back-up kickstarter. The little, 69cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine packs enough fun for any young one who wants to shred some trails.


POLARIS OUTLAW 110 ($3,099)
Riders who are 10 years of age or older can pilot this little fuel-injected 112cc Outlaw. Single-A-arm suspension softens the ride up front, while a rear swingarm with 6 inches of suspension travel keeps the ride smooth. The brakes are four-wheel drum, and parents can adjust the throttle to keep their child riding at a safe speed.


The Sportsman 110 shares all the same attributes of the Outlaw 110, but it is styled like its bigger Sportsman ATV siblings. There is a front and rear rack on the little machine that can hold a combined weight of 45 pounds. They both also have reverse in their automatic CVT-style transmission with rear-wheel drive.


POLARIS OUTLAW 50 ($2,099)
This little quad is rated for riders 6 years of age and older. It has a 49cc single-cylinder engine that is carbureted and air-cooled. Drum brakes help slow this little ATV down on all four wheels, and an automatic CVT-style transmission helps put power to the rear wheels. A throttle limiter and safety tether come on the little Outlaw as well.


Suzuki’s smallest quad is the QuadSport Z50 for riders aged 6 and older. The engine is a carbureted 49cc aircooled single-cylinder mated to a CVT. The front suspension is a single-A-arm type, while the rear utilizes a solid-axle swingarm. The brakes are dual drum up front and a single drum brake in the rear. Yellow is the only color.


Working off of the DNA of the older Suzuki LT80, the QuadSport Z90 is a great kids’ quad but uses new technology. The engine is a carbureted, single-cylinder fourstroke paired with a CVT. It shares similar sporty styling to its older brother, the QuadSport Z400. It’s rated for ages 12 and up, and it has a built-in throttle limiter.


YAMAHA YFZ50 ($2,099)
The 2017 Yamaha YFZ50 is a new edition. The youth quad sports a 49cc, single-cylinder engine that is aircooled and carbureted. It starts via an electric or a backup kickstarter. The hand controls are designed for small hands, and there is a built-in throttle limiter, along with a power cut-off tether.


YAMAHA RAPTOR 90 ($2,899)
This youth quad takes style tips from the Raptor 700. While the engine is much smaller for child fun, it still packs a little punch. The Raptor 90 uses a 90cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine paired with automatic CVT, which makes riding the little quad easy for kids. There is a builtin throttle limiter, and it comes in blue or white.

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