—  For us, there are no winter breaks from riding. Some of our high-mountain trails get even better when they are covered with a few feet of snow. To access them and other mountain areas across the country, we equip many of our 4x4s with a ATV track system.


Modern-day 4×4 ATVs and UTVs with their big engines, power steering and electronic fuel injection outfitted with the proper ATV track kit are the perfect winter tools for exploring deep powder or even slick, hardpacked, icy trails. However, smaller 300–400cc quads can also benefit from the proper set of ATV tracks as well.


A track kit works by replacing the quad’s wheels and tires, and provides a larger overall footprint that in turn offers the quad better floatation and traction over sand, mud and deep snow. The only major hardware that needs to be installed along with a good track kit are anti-rotation bars on all for corners. These come with each kit and are designed specifically for each ATV, and some kits have hub adapter plates that easily bolt on to the stock wheel studs. The anti-rotation bars simply bolt to each track frame and to the quad’s A-arms, trailing arm or swingarm suspension. If you can change your own tire, you can install a set of tracks with very little effort.


To provide you with the best track options for your machine, we consulted with ([866] 243-8359, These guys not only sell virtually every track, make and model available, they do real-world testing on all of them. To see some of their testing videos, including a session we took part in, log on to Here are their suggestions.


matt tracks

Mattracks makes some of the best snow track systems around for all types of ATVs, UTVs and trucks. This EZ UTV track system is a well liked model on their line up. This system sells for $3,795 and you can get more details on them at Call for 218-683-9800 for more info.

According to, the Camoplast T4S has the broadest fitment of any system on the market. This system is also considered the benchmark that everyone strives for. Machines 300cc and up can be fitted. Smaller-displacement machines function every bit as good as the big bores with this track system, a slower speed is the only difference. The smaller machines even had a slight edge in really tight terrain as they do on dirt. Gearing is the key, and Camoplast is the only manufacturer with four drive-gear options. We found TS4 ATV systems retailing for $3499, and UTV systems sell for $4899. Call for details about free shipping.


TJD has been in the track business for over a decade. Their current X Track model is an updated version of TJD’s very popular Cattrack design. The Cattrack was one of the very first all-season-rated track systems. Camoplast now builds the rubber track for TJD. TJD offers two different drive-gear options. This allows the system to work well on any 450cc and up machine. The X Track is offered in many lengths, ranging from 98 inches to 116 inches. TJD X Tracks range from $3399–$4599 for ATVs and UTVs.


Kimpex is bringing the new Kimpex Commander XTR this season. The track design has been redone, and the anti-rotation hardware is getting some much-needed updating. Kimpex designs their systems with one drive-gear option. This gearing works best with the larger bore machines. Kimpex Commander XTRs start at $3899 for ATVs and UTVs, with free shipping through

TJD’s sport systems are based on the X Gen design. Prices start at $3399. K Tracks have been touted as “the best track system on the market.” will put them to the test this fall and report back if that claim is true. Both systems come with front skis and hub risers that will lift the front of your 2WD sport quad to clear the snow. Again, a large engine size is not crucial to turn the track systems. is the largest track dealer in North America—nobody tests more or sells more. To outfit your quad this winter, give the experts a call at (866) 243-8359.


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