BUYER’S GUIDE: Goggle Technology

There’s no question that head protection is the number one safety item to be worn every time we ride. After putting on a helmet, strapping on a good pair of goggles gets you ready. Keep this in mind: not every goggle fits every helmet and face shape perfectly, which is why a trip to your dealer is in order to pick out the perfect pair. However, to find the brands and styles you might want to try first, we have contacted some of the top goggle companies and had them lay out what product is the best seller, top of the line and most unique.


Top of the line: B-1, $34.99–$44.99
The B1 features a flexible frame, four-layer face foam with a fleece liner for sweat absorption. Lenses come with integrated tear-off posts and an anti-fog coating.


Best seller: B-Flex, $29.99
The goggle has a flexible polyurethane frame and perimeter venting. Its strap has a double buckle and nonslip silicone beading. Replacement lenses and tear-offs are available.


Most unique: B-1 Slimmer,
Like the standard B1, the Slimmer has a four-layer face foam with fleece lining for sweat absorption. The lenses have integrated tear-off posts and an anti-fog coating. The Slimmer will fit kids’ helmets better and helmets with small eye ports.


Best seller: Zone Pro, $29.95
Fly’s only goggle has a multi-layer, fleece-lined foam attached to a high-grade polycarbonate lens equipped with tear-off posts. Those lenses come in either Fire Mirror or Chrome colors with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. The double-buckle and triple-silicone line will keep it snug to any helmet.


Best seller: Tyrant $75–$85
The Tyrant goggle has been carefully engineered to achieve optimum fit, moisture management and venting. For easy use, the Scott fit system or comfort outriggers evenly distribute goggle tension and manage perspiration. Additional features include the exclusive adjustable nose guard and the choice of either a clear or Chrome Works lens.


Top of the line: Omen, $94.94
The Omen has a totally redesigned, enlarged eyeport, which offers the biggest field of view possible. Multi-layer foam and an anti-slide strap make it fit any helmet. An extra lens is included with every Omen purchase.


Best seller: Whip MX,
The goggle features triple-layer face foam with moisture-wicking fleece on the inside. The outer shell is flexible but tightly holds an anti-fog lens.


Most unique: Klutch Happy,
The Klutch is a beast to be reckoned with on the track or trails. A free bonus lens keeps you going in all conditions. It features an anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan lens with posts and Spy’s patented Scoop ventilation system. The Happy lens works great in all conditions.


Top of the line: Alley, $64.95
Multiple ventilation ports surround the frame, while a thick, 15mm, fleece-lined face foam will conform to most riders’ faces. The lenses are triple-tear-off post-ready. A mirror and clear lens are included.


Best seller: Enemy,
Drilled frame parts are standard and lend to fog resistance, as does the anti-fog lens. They are dual-tear-off post-ready. The single-layer foam is 12mm thick, and a silicone-beaded strap should conform to any helmet and face. Tear-off packs are available.


Most unique: Enemy Sand,
High-density foam keeps fine particles from entering the eye port. On the outside, the lens has a scratch-resistant coating along with a smoked orange tint. The goggle is tear-off-ready and replacement lenses are available.


Top of the line: X Fade, $50
This goggle comes equipped with a urethane-blend soft frame for a better face fit; anti-fog, hard-coat polycarbonate lens; and comes equipped with a four-layer, fleecelined face foam.


Best seller: Flat Out,
This goggle has all of the frame features of a high-end goggle at a much lower price. It has a soft frame for a better face fit; anti-fog, hard-coat polycarbonate lens; and comes equipped with four-layer, ultra-plush face foam.


Most unique: Sand,
This goggle uses the same frame and face foam as the standard goggles, but it’s unique in the fact that it comes equipped with a neoprene-blend vent foam. This foam allows the goggle to breathe from the inside but keeps the sand and dust out! It’s a must-have goggle for the sand dunes or the dusty, dry races.


Top of the line: Racecraft, $65–$75 Multiple features, including strap outriggers, a nose guard, triple-layer foam and special air intakes that eliminate fog, make this product the flagship of the 100% lineup. The lens is also anti-fog-coated Lexan and comes with a spare and a stack of tear-offs.


Best seller: Acurri,
A flexible urethane frame lined with triple-layer foam holds in a scratch-resistant, thin Lexan lens. Anti-fog and mirrored lenses are optional. The strap is coated with a silicone strip to prevent slipping and stays snug. A rainbow of colors are available.


Most unique: Superstition ATV/UTV OTG,
This may be the first-ever goggle exclusively marketed toward the UTV crowd. It stands apart by using highdensity foam to keep sand and dust out, along with two scratch-proof lenses: clear and smoked. The frame is built larger to fit sunglasses or prescription glasses underneath.

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