ATV/UTV MUD TIRES – Time to turn the slop    By the staff of Dirt Wheels


In the last few years, thousands of people have migrated to the southern states. Whether it’s for the lower cost of housing, a better way of life, politics or the weather, the move also comes with a change in riding culture. You see, in the South, the riding is not about speed; it’s about exploring forests and mud parks that dot the landscape. That type of riding takes a different type of tire. We have put together a list of tire recommendations for just such an occasion. The companies have written their best description of the tire for you.



The MotoHavok is like no other UTV mud/ag tire on the market. Innovating the best-in-class ag-style tire is no easy accomplishment. EFX combined unparalleled deep mud traction with a smooth, hard-pack ride quality to ensure no matter what terrain you’re on, they have you covered. They didn’t stop engineering after they nailed the tread.  The MotoHavok is the only ag-style mud tire to feature an ultra-deep wheel-lip protector, armoring your custom wheels from debris when in motion.  The tread is bulletproof, using a 6-ply carcass with an enormous 2-plus-inch lug pattern to give you ample traction in both drive and reverse.

Contact: www.efxtires.com 

Price: 28×8.5-14, $257; 30×8-16, $304; 31×8.5-14, $306; 32×8.5-16, $311; 32×8.5-18, $299; 33×8.5-20, $311; 34×8.5-18, $333; 35×8.5-20, $355; 35×8.5-22, $360; 37×8.5-24, $381; 37×9.5-22, $445; 40×9.5-24, $540; 45×9.5-24, $636



This purpose-built ATV mud champion has evolved with the growth of the sport. Unlike the MotoHavok, the MotoSlayer has a more flexible lug, which will claw through rocky terrain, as well as the wet, slippery stuff. The MotoSlayer is a tire that will really help your rig stand out, as well as perform.

Contact: www.efxtires.com

Price: 28×9.5-14, $277; 30×9.5-14, $311; 30×9.5-16, $315; 32×9.5-18, $340; 33×9.5-20, $355; 33×9.5-22, $365; 35×9.5-20, $420; 35×9.5-24, $440; 37×10.5-24, $475;45×10.5-24, $660; 50×10.5-24, $800



The Interco Bogger is an absolute dominant tire upgrade for any ATV/UTV owner. The 47-inch Mega BAU boasts a tread design similar to the 38s and a nearly 3-inch-deep lug depth, and it’s set up for owners with a custom-built machine looking for a tire that will dominate any terrain it can handle. A host of companies have tried to emulate the Bogger, but there is only one true Bogger in the powersports market, the Interco Bogger ATV/UTV.

Contact: www.intercotire.com

Price: 27×10-14, $239.25; 28×10-14, $246.25; 30×10-14, $273.75; 31×9.50-14, $281; 30×10-15, $287.25; 31×9.5-15, $309.71; 33×9.5-20, $329.50; 35×9.5-20, $333.75; 38×10-20, $520; 40×10-24, $550


BKT AT 171

For many years customers would use BKT’s TR 171 tractor tire on their ATVs. With this in mind, BKT developed the AT 171 ATV tire to better suit the customers’ needs. The special directional and extra-deep tread design provides excellent traction on wet and muddy surfaces. The AT 171 is a 6-ply tubeless tire that is offered for rim sizes 14–24 inches.

Contact: www.wildboaratvparts.com

Price: 28×9-14, $208.22; 30×9-14, $211.24; 31×9-16, $213.75; 33×8-18, $228; 33×9-20, $220.88; 35×10-18, $321.25; 35×9-20, $322.58; 35×9-22, $292.50; 38×10-20, $323.50; 35.4×9.5-18, $321.50; 37×9-22, $285; 35.2×8.3-20, $263.25; 37×8.3-22, $286.25; 37×9.5-20, $348.75; 40×11.2-20, $425; 40×8.3-24, $317.50; 40×9.5-22, $375; 42×9.5-24, $387.50; 44×11.2-24, $437.75; 46×12.4-24, $545; 47.6×13.5-24, $641.25; 50×13.6-26, $706.25; 50×14.9-24, $712.50



According to Braven, these tires use the same stoic-rubber compound  as they use on some of their off-road LT tires that have proven themselves time and again. The lugs have been designed using Fang technology that wrap down the sidewall and add extra strength and traction to the shoulder and sidewall areas. Radial tires will be available soon, while smaller 12-inch ATV sizes are available now. 

Contact: www.bravenoffroad.com

Price: 26×8-14, $149.06; 26×10-14, $178.88; 27×9-14, $165.95; 27×11-14, $205.62; 28×9-14, $186.19; 28×11-14, $237.56


The only Inlaw with their weight in the mud is a Mudda Inlaw. According to Sedona, which is exclusively distributed through Western Power Sports dealers, the Mudda Inlaw is the only deep-lug 8-ply radial mud tire available. It offers an exceptionally smooth ride and long wear for such an aggressive tire. Sitting on top of an 8-ply-rated carcass is a 2-inch center lug that’s increased to 2 1/4 inches at the outside edge to help paddle across the pits faster than the competition.

Contact: www.sedonatires.com

Price: 28X10-14, $266.95; 30X10-14, $296.95; 32X10-14, $309.95 


The Mud Evil was developed with a very deep overlapping tread pattern for superior traction in deep, wet, muddy conditions, yet still gives a smooth ride.  Tread on the 28- and 30-inch is 2 inches, while the 32-inch tire has a 2.25-inch depth and even deeper tread at the shoulder to provide exceptional grip. This tire will get you through the most severe mud. The shoulder and sidewall tread offers traction in ruts and additional protection against impacts.

Contact: www.amstires.com 

Price: 28×10-14 6-ply, $277.95; 30×10-14 6-ply, $304.95; 32×10-14 6-ply, $367.95


We designed our Assassinator UTV/ATV mud tires with one thing in mind—mud. We wanted to have a tire that could sling mud like a champ and never get stuck. From slick and soupy sinkholes to peanut butter pits, the Assassinator tires are perfect for pulling your side-by-side or quad through any muddy obstacle you can find.

Contact: www.superatv.com

Price: 28×10-14, $244.95; 29.5×8-14, $254.95; 29.5×10-14, $264.95; 32×8-14, $279.95; 34×8-14, $284.95


SuperATV’s Terminator tires are ultra-aggressive mud tires that are all-terrain-ready. These beasts will get you through the mud hole and carry you all over the wild trails that get you there. The strong center lug design makes them surprisingly smooth, and the angled tread diverts mud away for improved grip and traction. That makes it perfect for mud and great for everything else.

Price: 26.5×10-14, $234.95; 28×10-12, $234.95; 28×10-14, $239.95; 29.5×10-12, $244.95; 29.5×10-14, $244.95; 32×10-14, $274.95; 34×10-15, $294.95; 34×10-18, $299.95


The best mud tire on the planet just got better. SuperATV’s Terminator Max tires will make you the king of all mud. They’re the ultimate mud tire with an advanced lug pattern that results in superior clean-out and traction in the deepest bounty holes. With mud-kickin’ ribs throughout and superior sidewall grip, these tires take mud riding to the max!

Contact: www.superatv.com

Price: 28×10-14, $239.95; 30×10-14, $274.95; 32×10-15, $294.95; 35×10-22, $324.95; 38×10-24, $429.95; 42×10-22, $464.95; 44×10-24, $494.95 


ITP’s Mud Lite II is proudly made in the USA, and takes the original Mud Lite to new levels with a redesigned tread pattern providing better traction and mud clean out. The carcass has been re-engineered towards todays utility SxS, providing reduced flex and enhancing performance. A Tough Rubber Tread compound offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance giving for longer life and better value. With its 6-ply rating, the Mud Lite II is a great choice for all terrain conditions, from rocks and ruts to mud and snow.

Contact: www.itptires.com

Price: 23×8-12, $109.96; 23×10-12, $127.83; 25×8-12, $119.34; 25×10-12, $141.80; 26×9-12, $165.69; 26×11-12, $185.96; 27×9-12, $191.01; 27×11-12, $207.07; 27×11-14, $203.14; 27×9-14, $187.31; 28×9-14, $191.69; 28×11-14, $206.97; 30×9-14, $254.70; 30×11-14, $279.11


ITP’s MT911 has a unique center flex zone to help clean mud out quickly and reduce harshness on hard-pack trails. Utilizing a 1.5-inch lug, the multi-angle lug design provides extra biting edges and a smooth ride. Sidewall lug and cuts provide additional traction in deep ruts. It utilizes their Tough Tread rubber compound to protect against abrasions, chips and cuts. It’s 8-ply-rated with reinforced belts to provide increased traction and unequaled puncture resistance.

Contact: www.itptires.com

Price: 27×10-14, $254.43; 28×10-14, $263; 30×10-14, $284; 30×10-15, $290.79; 32×10-14, $321.60; 32×10-15, $314.59; 34×10-15, $359.65

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