New UTV Wheels

Dubs, rims, spinners or whatever you call them, wheels are not only the first thing people notice when looking at your rig, but they can enhance the ride quality as well. For this guide, we are highlighting new wheel styles and sizes from the top brands in the industry. Thumb through the pics and get ready to upgrade your ride for the coming season.


Price: $175.46–$215.96

The lone Assault wheel uses unique beadlock technology to combat de-beading at low pressure and extreme side loads. Their patented InnerLock technology captures the tire bead, keeping it in on the wheel. Basically, small bolts thread through the wheel’s edge next to the bottom edge of the tire’s bead at an angle, holding the tire to the inner edge of the wheel. They’re as much as 30 percent lighter than other beadlock wheels on the market. Don’t confuse their airy ability for weakness, because they are extremely strong, too. Plus, they don’t require any bolt re-tightening. Hellfire wheels are available in 4/137 or 4/156 bolt pattern, and sizes include 14×7, 14×10, 15×7 and 15×10. Visit


Price: $209.99–$251.99

Although Braven has a handful of great tire options, they only sell one wheel to mount them on. However, that wheel has a great look and is available in all black or black with machined edges. You can get those two options in 4/110, 4/137 or 4/156 bolt patterns and 15×7 or 14×7 sizing. Offsets include 5+2, 4+3, 40mm and 10mm.



Price: $149.99 

This 16-inch steel wheel wrapped in a 7/16-inch nylon threaded rubber tire will allow you to load your UTV into the trailer leaving you space in every direction! Use one wheel to make room for a trailer slide, or install multiples to gain the room you need to make loading before a trip quick and easy! Will fit lug patterns 4/156, 4/137 and 5/4.5.





Price: $306

The SD10 is the latest ITP wheel and is designed to fit Polaris five-lug applications with the exact same offset as the OE wheel to maintain the original width and performance. Additionally, it has an industry-leading 1,300-pound load rating. This new wheel has a nice grey finish and a black beadlock ring. Current sizing includes 15X7 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Price: $189–$478

The Momentum is designed to fit today’s UTVs and ATVs with closer-to-OE offset for optimum fitment and performance. This one is gloss black with a milled-edge finish and comes with a limited lifetime warranty with 4/156-or 4/137-bolt patterns in a variety of sizes, including 14×7,15×7, 18×6.5, 20×6.5, 22×6.5 and 24×6.5.



Price: $201

With a familiar truck styling, the Technic has a notched lip and mesh design that cleans up as quick as you can get it dirty. As one of the lowest-priced UTV wheels on the market, you will find it in four- or five-lug applications in 7×15-inch sizing with a +38mm offset. Finishes include gloss silver with a machined face, matte black or a deep metallic blue. Visit


Price: $643

The latest wheel from KMC is made specifically for the new Can-Am Maverick R and its 6-bolt lug pattern. Its strong, forged-aluminum construction is nearly bulletproof and can certainly handle those rocks that wedge in wheels from time to time. The 16-spoke design is built with a +50mm offset so it won’t widen the Maverick R anymore. A 15×6 sizing is available at


Price: $1,000

The forged Reaper is the most expensive UTV wheel not only in this guide, but they are the most expensive UTV wheel we have ever seen. It’s only available in 24×7 sizing with a centered hub face. They are available for the 4×137, 4×156 and Polaris five-lug pattern.


Price: $379–$419

The forged design of the five lug Outlaw R includes a unique 6061-T6 billet beadlock ring for enhanced durability. The satin black color will look great in sizes and offsets of 15×6, 4.5+1.5; 17×7, 4.5+2.5; 15×7, 6+1; and 17×7, 6+1.


Price: $409.95

Available in a black or raw finish, this 15×7 beadlock has the new five-lug bolt pattern Polaris has adopted. You can expect newer, larger vehicles in the future to use five lugs as well. The 351X has a 5+2 offset, so expect your machine to get a little wider using these. Moose tells us this wheel is 100 percent X-rayed during production to ensure quality and reliability. 


Price: $859.95

 The 325X is the first carbon fiber UTV wheel we have featured. It’s a 6-inch-wide, 15-inch, non-beadlock wheel with a 5+1 offset and comes in the common 4/156 and 4/137 bolt patterns. Each wheel has a load rating of 1,300 pounds, so these should be as strong as an aluminum wheel but weighing in at only 8 pounds and 14 ounces.


Price: $161–$420

A unique, deep concavity gives this wheel entirely new aesthetics for a UTV wheel. Additionally, the center cap hides the dual-drilled hub featuring 4×156 and 4×137 bolt patterns. The M50 comes in matte black with double dark tint, gloss black and machined finishes in a huge size range—from 14 inches all the way up to 24 inches.


Price: $161–$420

The funny name “Thunderlips” won’t keep the attention off your rig, especially when running up to a size 24 in machined or matte black finish. These are also dual drilled with 4/156 and 4/137 bolt patterns to fit any UTV other than the new Maverick R, Turbo R or RZR Pro R. Sizing starts at 14 inches and tops out at 24.


Price: $247.95–$312.95

This super-clean (Sano)-looking wheel has a 12-spoke design and comes in all four- and five-lug ATV/UTV bolt patterns. They’re also available in the narrow 5+1 wheel with a +40mm offset to keep the wheels close to stock specs. The +10mm through +50mm offsets are also available. The RZR five-lug wheel comes with a +50 offset, keeping that already wide machine handling great. Satin and raw finishes are available through your Western Powersports dealers nationwide.


Price: $159.95–$198.95

The Sparx is a unique, eight-spoke, non-beadlock wheel available in 14×7 and 15×7 sizes and offsets from -47mm up to +30mm with a satin black finish. You can mount this wheel to any vehicle with 4/110mm, 4/137 and 4/156 bolt patterns. The wheel does require aftermarket lug nuts for UTV applications that come with a 19mm lug nut.


Price: $94.46–$103.46

With a six double-spoke design and a black finish, Bandit wheels will turn heads and get the job done at an affordable price. These wheels come complete with all nuts and a metal valve stem! The lug-centric design of these wheels means it will fit any 4/156 bolt pattern with either M12x1.5mm or 3/8×24 lugs. If you have lugs of a different size but the same bolt pattern, like the Scrambler and Sportsman models, you can still use these wheels if you use your factory lug nuts.


Price: $194.95–$239.95

The black, eight-spoke design combined with the clear-coated 6061 aluminum lock ring gives the Healy Lock Series a distinct look that you can’t find anywhere else. You won’t go unnoticed with a set of Healy Lock Series beadlock wheels installed on your next ride as long as it has a 4/137 or 4/156 bolt pattern. Sizes available include 14×7&10 or 15×7&10.


Price: $281.57

Available in a 15/7 sizing with bolt patterns to fit most UTVs, the SB6 has a multi-spoke design with deep matte black and gunmetal grey finishes. The wheel has a 1,200-pound load rating and an extra-thick 10mm beadlock ring using 5/16-inch, grade-8 hardware. The center cap is bolted on and the valve stems come pre-installed from the factory. Offsets include 6+1 or 5+2.


Price: $171.02–$380.29

With a huge size range from 14×7 all the way up to 24×7, these will be the perfect wheel to wrap a set of new mud tires around. A deep matte black finish is standard, or you can opt for bronze or gunmetal grey. These wheels are made using a flow-form manufacturing process, making it the strongest and lightest 24-inch wheel they sell. It has a 1,000-pound load rating and a bolt-on center cap. Fits 4/110, 4/137 and 4/156 bolt patterns.


Price: $304

This wheel is designed and engineered exclusively with the Polaris five-lug pattern to fit the RZR Pro R, Turbo R or Xpedition and Ranger XD 1500. The beadlock has double the bolt holes just in case you happen to strip the bolt hole or break off a bolt head. This wheel has a hefty 1,300-pound load rating and is available in 8- (+40mm) or 10-inch (+25mm) widths for any 15-inch tire. Three finishes are available: brushed gunmetal, satin black and gloss black with a brushed gunmetal ring.


Price: $280

The V08 is the industry’s first dual-drilled 15×7 (+30mm) beadlock wheel with 4×137 and 4×156 lug holes drilled into each wheel. Having both patterns in each wheel allows owners to swap wheels with nearly every modern UTV. The V08 is also the perfect spare wheel to carry in the event someone in your group needs one.

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