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BUYER’S GUIDE: UTV Parts Shoppers Guide

When it comes to upgrading your UTV, there are numerous companies that make high-performance aftermarket parts. Whether you want to boost your machine’s power, increase its handling or simply add some new traction for the trails, aftermarket UTV part manufacturers have what you need. We have put together a list of companies that offer parts, […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: Neck Brace Systems

When it comes to safety, you shouldn’t take it lightly. We put together a buyer’s guide for neck braces to help you decide which one will better suit your needs and wallet. Whether you are out riding on trails in the woods, desert or racing, you should consider looking into having that extra protection no […]


Sand season is upon us. Whether you are heading out to Glamis or Dumont in the Southwest or preparing to ride the Oregon Coast, Little Sahara or Sand Lake, having the right tires is key. There are different philosophies from each brand for sure, but one thing is certain: you don’t want knobs or mud […]

Avoid Flat Tires – Prevention products

Testing tires and dealing with flat ones is a big part of the duties at the magazine. Whether it’s racing highly modified machines or trail riding stockers, we are always prepared for the inevitable. For you, the same preparation can assure that your precious free time or expensive race entry won’t be wasted on a […]


  When it comes to your UTV, the stock seats are only comfortable to a certain extent. Aftermarket seats provide a number of benefits compared to the stockers in your machine. Whether you are out cruising trails for fun or going as fast as possible over rough terrain, you want a comfortable and safe seat […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: Roost Guards

Safety gear is one of the most important factors with ATV riding. Whether you race or ride for fun, wearing protective gear can save your body during hard falls or the occasional roost your buddies send your way. There are many brands and types of chest protectors and roost guards. Some are thin soft shells, […]

ATV Covers Buyer’s Guide

For some of you, storing your ATV might not be an issue. You have a well-lit, airtight, spacious garage that looks like a museum. You can pull your muddy four-wheeler right in and park it next to the wife’s Range Rover and call it a day. The rest of us don’t have it that good […]

New tires you need to know about!

No matter what kind of ATV you ride or UTV you drive, the tires you choose to install under them can make a huge difference in how they handle. Lately there have been a few big developments in tire technology that are really catching on in the world of off-road. We contacted each of the […]


There really should be no question that a helmet and eye protection are the most important pieces of safety equipment you can wear when riding an ATV or driving a UTV. It is easier to worry less about boots since we shouldn’t be putting our feet down, right? Wrong. We dress for when things go […]


After the invention of the rubber tire, the single most important change made to the wheel was the addition of the beadlock. It came out of necessity when racers pushed the limits of tire durability and holding strength. What a beadlock does is clamp the outer bead of the tire (or both beads) solidly to […]

Sand Tire Buyer’s Guide

Scoops and smoothies to shred the dunes ATV tires come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Straying away from a stock tire can dramatically change the way your quad or UTV handles. And in no other arena is the departure greater than when changing to sand tires. A sport quad can get away with not […]


New rubber for $100 and under. For typical trail tires, the sizes run from 20×10-9 in the rear to 21 or 22×7-10 up front for sport quads. This spec is what comes stock on nearly every quad except, of course, the track-ready machines like Suzuki’s LT-R450, KTM’s SX machines and Can-Am’s DS450XMX. On the utility […]