Most ATVs can travel on virtually any surface; dirt, rocks, mud, sand, snow. That’s why they are called All Terrain Vehicles. However, some mud and snow surfaces are too wet or deep for a standard ATV to tread over. That’s why several companies have developed snow tracks for today’s ATVs and UTVs. We have gathered information and photos on the most popular track kits available just in case you would like to venture deep into the sloppy stuff this winter. Enjoy.

Apache is a brand developed specifically by Can-Am for use on their 650cc and 800cc Outlanders. Strong points about the Apache system include ten-inch corner wheels for reduced vibration, a high approach angle for good obstacle clearance, and Can-Am claims that they are very easy to steer. We will test that claim when we try out the Apache system in an upcoming issue.
The Apache system bolts on just as easy as the stock wheels do using the ATV’s stock lug nuts. Can-Am should know how to make good track system after years of building top of the line snowmobiles and ATVs.
Although Can-Am only sells the Apache tracks for their vehicles, the kits should fit on the Kawasaki Teryx, Prairie and straight axle Brute Force models since they have the same 4/137-bolt pattern.

A set of snow tracks mounted on an ATV or UTV will allow you to keep riding your machine all winter. A cool thing about UTV’s is that you can haul the tracks in the cargo bed and drive to the snow, then install them and continue on.

4orce Products offers two ways to play in the snow or mud. These products are not track systems but a very aggressive paddle system built on a strong steel wheel with or without tracks.
The 4our Trak System is a four, rear wheel drive system that includes a tensioning device mounted to the single hitch point, and a bracket structure mounted to the rear frame with four miniature brackets fabricated to the racking. Tensioning device allows for fifth and sixth wheel bogy hubs. The tensioning device is built to align and tension the track with spring loaded pressure inside the sheet metal housing, tightening or loosening the tension rod on the spring to push the device back or forward to provide track tension.
The 4our Paw system is a byproduct of the 4our Trak but mounted on all four hubs. The belt is 12 inches wide. Front wheels remain at 12 inches in width with a tapered grouser on the outside to avoid fender rubbing. Rear wheels have the same 12-inch belting, but the guides extend to 15 inch as “drive wheels” for greater stance. Each wheel is 26 inches in height, grouser tip to grouser tip, and weighs 55 pounds. The 4our Paw can be installed by anyone with a wrench, just like installing a regular tire. 

(Left) Can-Am sells their own Apache brand snow tracks for the big bore Outlander models at Can-Am dealers. These products will also fit the straight axle Kawasaki Prairie and Brute Force models as well as the Teryx UTV. (Right) The 4Paw product is not a track system but a hard rubber paddle that will give your ATV/UTV floatation and traction in virtually any environment. Look them up at

The 4S track systems from Camoplast Track Systems transform ATVs and UTVs into true all-terrain vehicles that go anywhere, anytime. This is a second-generation design. Camoplast ATV Track Systems provide the floatation, the traction, and the safe and easy operation to move your ATV over snow, mud, sand, soggy marsh, and other difficult operating environments where wheeled vehicles simply bog down and get stuck. A unique feature of these tracks that others do not have is that the Tatou system is ice stud ready for use on extremely icy surfaces.
To make things easy there are pre-marked stud locations to allow accurate and quick stud installation. Drilling is required for initial installation.

Within the LiteFoot track system lineup, five distinct models are available; three for an ATV and two models specifically designed for the UTVs. These models include the M3-UR, XT-UR, M3, XT and the original LiteFoot system. 
The key differences between the models are the UR models are “Utility Rated” for the heavier UTVs, the M3 models feature a longer, wider track with a more aggressive paddle track and the TX models feature a mid-ranged tread lug for versatility. Mattracks also has snow tracks systems for larger vehicles like, trucks, busses and tractors as well.


Apache—(877) 469-7433
4orce Products—(503) 625-4786
Tatou/Camoplast—(866) 533-0008

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