Cajun Muddy Gras at Muddy Bottoms

Mossy Oak GO, the camouflage brand’s all-new 100% FREE television and mobile digital
streaming platform, has shared the latest and greatest Can-Am S3 Powersports “Visions of
Victory” episode for your viewing pleasure. Along with the complete episodes from two
previous seasons, MOGO shared live today Season 4: Episode 6 “Cajun Muddy Gras at Muddy

Log on and watch Dustin “Battle Axe” Jones, his S3 Powersports cohorts and a special Can-Am
faction take on the deep muck at Muddy Bottoms in Sarepta, La. Jones, and his fashionable
blonde mullet, welcome, Matt Tandrup, Director of Design, Can-Am, desert racers Casey and
Cody Currie, as well as Matt Burroughs, off-road racer and Monster Energy VP Finance, to
Louisiana for some good “clean” fun.

Jones, a multiple mud-racing champion, was the ring leader for this episode that takes the riders
on an adrenaline-charged weekend of fun both in and out of the slop. Watch as the Curries trade
their typical whooped-out courses and dust-driving skills for some git ‘er done grime sessions in
the nasty muck. The crew uses an assortment of Can-Am factory-built ATVs and side-by-side
vehicles, as well as Low Blow 2.0, a custom Can-Am Defender 4×4 ultra-mudder built by S3
Powersports. Join the whacky fun here: Visions of Victory

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