CAN-AM And FINNTRAIL Come Together to Create A Co-Branded ATV/UTV Gear Lineup



We’ve got awesome news for all mud warriors and off-road fans!

Can-Am, the BRP brand in manufacturing off-road vehicles and accessories, recently announced the launch of a co-branded line of mudding gear with Finntrail, a leader in waterproof off-road apparel.


Riding Gear That Matches Your Machine

There’s so much energy and passion in this partnership. No company embodies action-packed, adventurous and fearless off-road lifestyle better than these two brands – Can-Am and Finntrail. No wonder they team up to build a line of riding apparel that features the benefits of high-performance Finntrail gear and matches the design and color of powerful Can-Am vehicles.  

“High-quality gear, unique design and two well-known logos together will soon rock the off-road world with a full set of waders, a jacket and wading boots.,” said Eugene Gref, Head of Marketing of Finntrail.

The products have been wear-tested by pro riders and influencers. Soon you’ll be able to purchase this exciting co-branded line of mudding gear too. We can hardly wait for it!

Can-Am & Finntrail Riding Gear  

The co-branded line includes 3 pieces: waders, a jacket and boots. This is the specialized ATV/UTV riding gear that was born from the needs of off-road riders. For the best possible protection against mud, water, debris, abrasion, and discomfort you’ll want to purchase the whole set.

“We’ve put a big focus on developing a more specialized gear to make sure you’re warm, comfortable and suited up for any condition. This year, we’ve partnered with the leader in premium mud waders and ATV gear, Finntrail. We’re happy to have developed a co-branded line of gear that is extremely durable, waterproof and windproof,” said Florence Labrie, Apparel Marketing Lead of Can-Am.



Off-Road Gear At The Apex of Technologies 

Hitting the toughest trails is always a challenge. Prolonged exposure to water, mud and debris requires a rider-friendly outfit. Sad but true, your favorite T-Shirts, hoodies, pants and skechers will become wet and torn in a few minutes of harsh riding. But a set of specialized gear will keep you dry and clean, whatever the terrain. 

The system of gearing up for off-road riding is not magic, but science. Once developed and introduced in the market, it’s getting more recognition by riders all over the world.



Waders are the core product in this system. Made of a durable multi-layer membrane fabric, they are waterproof to keep water out and breathable to let your perspiration away. Neoprene booties are fully integrated into waders to seal out water and mud. The waders are designed with minimal seams in the inner leg and an abrasion- and puncture-resistant outer layer to make these the most durable waders available. You may cross deep streams and holes or ride in the rain while staying 100% dry, warm, and safe.



Stockingfoot waders require a pair of special wading boots. These boots are specially designed to withstand prolonged exposure to water and wet conditions. They are resistant to wear and tear as well as provide strong ankle support and stable grip on ATV foot pegs or slippery surfaces. 



To ensure complete protection from head to toe, a mudproof jacket is worn over waders. It is also made of a multi-layer membrane fabric, with high waterproof and breathable properties. The jacket is a kind of a shield which protects you from weather, environments and sharp-object penetration, when riding in the forest or thicket. 


About CAN-AM

CAN-AM Off-Road is the BRP brand that offers a complete lineup of ATVs and Side-by-Sides. BRP is a global leader in the world of powersports vehicles, propulsion systems and boats built on over 75 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer focus. Can-Am consistently innovates, gaining the trust of riders in more than 130 countries. History-making is in this company’s blood, as they annually offer a full line of upgraded ATV and Side-by-Side vehicles that are designed for riders of all skill levels and age groups. Finding new paths is in their present and their future.

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FINNTRAIL is a leader in developing ATV/UTV riding gear for hardcore mudding, bogging, trail riding and long-term ATV traveling. Many years of intense development and testing have backed their products’ evolution. Being off-road enthusiasts, they understand the needs of the off-road community and test their gear in the field the way other riders will be using it. Ever-advancing designs are coupled with the latest high-tech materials to offer 100% waterproof, breathable, and reliable gear that is modern and stylish as well as functional and comfortable in harsh environments. 



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