Kurt Boyko lives in British Columbia, Canada and he’s been a Dirt Wheels reader for 15 years. We thought it was about time to take a look at the quad he proudly rides. It began as a 2007 Can-Am DS 650, but Kurt set out to boost its performance considerably. First, he stripped it down to the bare frame and had it powdered coated in Illusion Orange Cherry.

The motor got a big-bore cylinder and a 5mm stroker crank, supplied by OMW Racing, which brought it up to 770cc. The head has 1mm larger valves with a lot of port work. A larger Lectron 46 HV carburetor was installed and the flywheel was lightened to make the engine rev quicker. With the high compression 13:1 piston, Kurt uses C12 or 108 octane fuel.

The upper and lower A-arms are 1″ wider and 1″ forward. The swing arm is 4″ longer and it has a plus 2″ steering stem from Fireball Racing. The suspension is handled with Elka shocks front and rear. The headlight was converted to HID with some extra LED spot lights added as well. The decal kit came from AMR Racing.

So, the final result of Kurt’s work is a good looking custom quad that goes through the Canadian back woods at a much quicker pace than stock. Next, we should do a feature on the ATV or UTV that you ride. Send us some good photos of it and provide some detailed info on what was done to it. Make sure to include your full name, city & state, and E-mail it to [email protected]


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