We included both the 650 and 800 Outlanders together for this “Owners’ Report,” because they’re basically the same machine. They share the same chassis, and the V-twin engines have the same dimensions, except for the 650 having an 82mm bore versus the 800’s 91mm bore. Each one has a 62mm stroke along with 46mm EFI throttle bodies. These two engine sizes on the Outlanders are the most popular based on the number of owner survey forms sent in. We received many more from 650 and 800 owners than we did from 1000, 500 and 400 Outlander owners.

In our tests we always give a good rating to the power of the Outlanders’ V-twin engine. The owners here agree, as they listed power as the one thing they like most about their machines. The biggest gripe that many owners listed are the brakes, which have only one lever to operate the front and rear together. One owner had the dealer install the Renegade system on his Outlander so he could operate the front and rear brakes separately.

There are a wide variety of Outlander offerings from Can-Am—from the standard model to the XT and power-steering versions, and even the Max two-seater model with an 8-inch-longer wheelbase. They’re all grouped together in this report, which is why you’ll see that some owners liked their power steering and others listed it as an improvement they wish they had. You can assume that Outlander owners are generally satisfied with their quads, though, when most list it as the ATV they’d buy again. For the ones who didn’t, there were other Can-Ams they had their eye on. Just another example of brand loyalty being developed through happy ATV owners.


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