Can-Am’s 4×4 Race Team

Since the beginning of time, in all forms of ATV racing, the high-performance sport quad classes have garnered all the attention and status. More recently, the UTV segment has gained ground with the introduction of multiple classes, including Pro. For 2014, in the GNCC series, the 4×4 ATV riders have their own chance in front of the spotlight thanks to a Pro 4×4 class. While there are racers competing on several brands in the four total 4×4 classes, including Polaris, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Kymco, it’s the Can-Am pilots who are having the most success. To see how they are doing it, we took a closer look at the riders and their Can-Am machines in the hopes it will encourage more folks to take their utility quads off the farm and go racing. The 4×4 Pro class is basically unlimited, and you can see the complete rule book and class structure at

Aside from great support as a sponsor, being a part of the Can-Am race team has its benefits. With the GNCC contingency for landing on the podium being $250 for first place, $150 for second and $100 for a third-place finish, financial incentives to race can be hard to come by. Can-Am bumps up the assistance by paying out even more than the GNCC. They offer racers on their team $2000 for first place, $1000 for second and $500 for third. Now that’s a great added benefit to have when you’re passionate about racing 4×4 ATVs in the Pro class and Can-Am has you on their team.



Age: 41
Hot Springs, North Carolina

Racing class: 4×4 Pro
After taking the inaugural 4×4 Proclass round-one win at the 2014 Mud Muckers in Florida, that brings his total wins since 2010 to 44. This was his first career morning win overall. He stayed on the podium in rounds three and four with two second-place finishes. After a sixth-place finish in round two, he fought his way to another first during round five. He has his eyes set on winning the championship for the 4×4 Pro class of GNCC.

Year/model machine: 2014 Can-Am Renegade 800R X xc
Tires: Kenda Bear Claw HTR 25x8x12
Wheels: Hiper Sidewinder 12-inch
Bumpers: Raztech Powersports
Skids: Ricochet
Axles: BRP
Drive belt: BRP
Exhaust: Ron Wood Racing
Clutch: Stock Primary, STM Secondary
Motor mods: None
Unique chassis mods: Reinforced bottom frame rails and rear trailing arm tower
Electrical mods: Pingel kill switch
Handlebars: Flexx
Grips: Spider SLT
Handguards: Rox Speed FX
Helmet: Shoei
Goggles: EKS Brand Jersey/pant: Moose M1 and Sahara
Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10
Neck brace: Leatt Chest protector and knee guards: HRP Sports


Age: 36
Beckley, West Virginia

Racing class: 4×4 Pro/UTV XC1
Bryan has displayed great skill so far this 2014 season of GNCC 4×4 Proclass racing. In rounds one and two, he grabbed the second place on the podium and remained up there with third-place finishes in the following rounds. He has gathered 59 wins since 2006 and is fighting for more. Round five of the GNCC series didn’t prove to be a podium finish, though, placing in fifth place, but Bryan is a strong contender and is battling for the top spot for this championship. Year/model machine: 2014 Can-Am Renegade

Tires: GBC Dirt Devils
Wheels: Hyper
Bumpers: Rath
Skids: BRP
Axles: Super ATV
Drive belt: BRP
Exhaust: Looney Tuned exhaust
Clutch: STM
Motor mods: None
Unique chassis mods: None
Electrical mods: None
Handlebars: Flexx bars
Grips: Spider Grips
Handguards: Cycra
Helmet: Fly
Goggles: Dragon
Jersey/pant: Fly
Boots: Gaerne


Age: 23
Green Mountain, North Carolina

Racing class: 4×4 Pro
Jordan Phillips is another rider in the spotlight for this year’s GNCC 4×4 Pro-class race season. He has garnered two first-place finishes in rounds two and four. After Jordan did not finish in round five and took a fourth-place and fifth-place finish in rounds one and three, respectively, his two wins are keeping him in the competition. He is a fierce rider and will continue to battle against his opponents with great skill. If you would like to follow Jordan this season, here is how:
Instagram: @PhillipsJ602
Twitter: @jphillips602

Year/model machine: 2013 Can-Am Renegade X xc
Tires: 25x8x12 GBC Dirt Commanders
Wheels: Keizer beadlocks
Bumpers: Raztech powersports
Skids: Ricochet
Axles: BRP
Drive belt: Gates C12
Exhaust: RJ weld & custom duals, DEI exhaust wrap
Clutch: BRP
Motor mods: The Bom fuel tuner, K&N air filter, Evans coolant
Unique chassis mods: Phillips Racing frame tubes, trailing arms and steering stem
Electrical mods: Headlights/taillights deleted, Pingel kill switch
Handlebars: Fasst Flexx 14-degree, double-high Rox Speed FX antivibe risers
Grips: Spider SLT
Handguards: Rox Speed FX
Shocks: Fox podiums with FCR suspension modifications
Helmet: Klim F4 ECE
Goggles: EKS X-Brand
Jersey/pant: Klim Dakar Jersey and Klim Dakar pant
Boots: Forma Dominator TX


Age: 30
Conneautville, Pennsylvania

Racing class: 4×4 Pro
Robert Smith started off with some difficulty in the first and second rounds of the 2014 GNCC season. He placed fifth and fourth, but fortunately the podium was waiting for him in round three with a first-place win. While the podium evaded him in the fourth round of the 4×4 Pro class, he struck a third-place finish in round five at Limestone 100. Smith and his fellow Can-Am team seem to be holding the spotlight this season and will continue to do so. If you would like to follow Robert Smith, here is how:
Instagram: SmittyBert
Twitter: @smittybert
Race website:

Year/model machine: 2014 Can-Am
Renegade 800 X xc
Tires: Front, 25×8-12; Rear, 25×10-12 GBC Dirt Commanders
Wheels: 12-inch HiPer Technology SideWinder wheels. Front offset 2+4, rear offset 2+5
Bumpers: IQ Equipment (by HMF)
Skids: Can-Am ATV Accessories
Axles: BRP
Drive belt: BRP
Exhaust: HMF Performance Series
Dual Full System
Clutch: BRP
Motor mods: BRP
Unique chassis mods: BNR
Motorsports gusset kit, upgraded Pitman arm and oversized tie-rods
Electrical mods: Tether kill-switch
plug-and-play by BNR Motorsports,
BRP Racing ECU
Handlebars: GT Thunder fat bars
Grips: Spider Grips SLT
Handguards: PowerMadd Star Series
with hand wrap
Helmet: Troy Lee Designs Air helmet
Goggles: Smith Optics Fuel V.2
Jersey/pant: Troy Lee Designs GP Air
Boots: Gaerne SG-10


Age: 24
Sherwood, Wisconsin

Racing class: 4×4 Pro & XC1 Pro SxS
Unfortunately for Zac, he has just gone through an intense knee surgery and is out of the running for this 2014 4×4 Pro GNCC season. Can-Am is keeping him on board the team with a lot of faith for his return from injury. As a GNCC fan-favorite racer in 2013 and competing in many other forms of racing, including UTV shortcourse racing and UTV Terracross racing, Zac is patiently healing and will hopefully be back in the battle soon! Get well, Zac! If you would like to follow what Zac is up to, here is
how: Facebook: Zakowskimotorsports

Year/model machine 2014 Renegade 800 X xc
Tires: Kenda Bearclaw HTR 25 8R 12
Wheels: OMF
Bumpers: Rath
Skids: Zakowski Motorsports
Axles: Can-Am
Drive belt: BRP
Exhaust: Straightline Performance
Clutch: STM Powersports
Motor mods: Zakowski Motorsports
Unique chassis mods: Zakowski
Electrical mods: Monster Products
Handlebars: Flexx bars
Grips: Spider
Handguards: None
Suspension: Custom Axis
Brakes: DP Brakes
Lubricants: Amsoil
Coolant: Evans
Air: K&N
Helmet: Kali
Goggles: Scott
Jersey/pant: O’Neal
Boots: Alpinestars 10


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