CAT Tractors Releases New UTV!


The CAT brand is known for being tough and dependable. The fleet of hardworking machines produced by Caterpillar has just gained a new asset, a utility UTV that has all the CAT DNA you might expect. With a price point of 14,999 for the CUV82 gas model and 16,299 for the CUV102D diesel,  you’ll definitely get more than your money’s worth.

Start Your Engines

The gas model is equipped with a super quiet 3cylinder Chery motor that puts out 50hp. Although the machine will reach speeds of 45 mph a limiter can be can be set to restrict speeds to 25mph for work site use. The diesel has a 3 cylinder Kohler engine that puts out half the hp of the gas engine at 25 hp. Other than that, both models are virtually the same. The 8.5 gallon tank in both models should last through 2 or 3 days of heavy work. That being said, these UTVs come with a steel bed equipped with a gas strut dump feature. An electric dump bed assist can be added on as an accessory. Each vehicle is rated for 1k lbs cargo and 2k lbs towing. The aggressive engine breaking, electric power steering, and 4-wheel independent suspension with progressive springs, allows you to haul loads and navigate through work sites with ease.

Lap Of Luxury

CAT prides themselves on safety and comfort. We were pleasantly surprised by how smooth the ride was in the new CUV82, as most utility vehicles have around 10 inches of clearance making for a rough ride.  The rather tall and spacious cab comes equipped with plush bucket seats, behind the seat storage, a document holder and plenty of open space. What’s different about this cab is that you will notice a truck style column shifter rather than a knob, and that might be because there is no center console. There are still plenty of cup holders throughout the cab but the lack of a traditional UTV console, along with a stow away passenger seat, allows for a ton of extra cargo room. To further the luxury aspect roofs, doors, and a heater are just a few of the over 50 accessory options for this new model.

Ride Easy

Along with all the previously mentioned features, CAT wanted to ensure simple maintenance for this machine. To reach the engine and belt components, lift the dump bed and remove side panels with 1/4 turn brackets. The cooling system and battery are conveniently located under the easy to remove hood, along with the tool kit that comes standard. To reach the oil filter, open the trap door in the cab to reach in and pull it out  with ease. If you don’t like to do the upkeep yourself, each customer has access to the wide network of dealer support for easy service. This includes service for installing accessory add-ons as well.

Release The Hounds

CAT willing be releasing the two-seat models of the CUV82 and CUV102D in Summer of 2018, and the Crew models in Fall of 2018. With the Caterpillar brand being so well known for their reliable workhorses and excellent dealer support, we are excited to see what their UTV branch will attribute to the growing market.

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