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Reader’s Photos Category

Check out some awesome builds by our reader...

Sep 29, 2016Comments off2412 Views

It’s that time again for another show and-tell session of Dirt Wheels readers and the machines they ride. Our goal is for everyone to get

Beautiful Banshee Builds you MUST see!

Aug 02, 2016Comments off2779 Views

  mark hoopes

Banshees are a blast! Reader’s share ...

Jul 15, 2016Comments off2006 Views

Modify your machine like these Readers did ...

Apr 18, 2016Comments off2992 Views

Have you ever noticed how a dog can be standing there among a group of 10 people, but as soon as another dog comes into

READER’S RIDES: Tricked out TRX450Rs!

Mar 17, 2016Comments off4267 Views

The ATV world became a better place in 2004 when Honda introduced its all-new TRX450R. Since then it has been the basic tool for high-performance

READER’S RIDES: Yamaha’s Banshe...

Mar 08, 2016Comments off12127 Views

To fully understand and appreciate the significance of the Yamaha Banshee, you need to know the history of where it came from. The heart and

READER’S RIDES! More awesome machines...

Feb 23, 2016Comments off1665 Views

WHAT DO YOU RIDE? Here are the machines of other Dirt Wheels readers. Send us a photo and info on your ride. Email it to


Dec 29, 2015Comments off4332 Views

Taking a look at more machines that Dirt Wheels reader ride. To get your ATV here for everyone to see, email a photo & info

Reader’s Radical Rides!

Dec 22, 2015Comments off3336 Views

Here are a collection of ATVs as owned and ridden by Dirt Wheels readers. We’ll have more collections like this on a regular basis, so

WORST STUCK: Readers’ Gallery

Sep 18, 2014Comments off3188 Views

We love our readers! To share our appreciation we have decided to post your pictures that you send in to our facebook. If you would


Aug 03, 2013Comments off2776 Views

  SWAMP THANGDear Dirt Wheels,Here’s “Dirty Dan” of the Mudslingers-Manitoulin coming out of a deep hole with his kitty cat.Andy RecolletOntario, Canada SPECTACULAR SNOW EXPLOSIONSDear


Aug 01, 2013Comments off2804 Views

  KOOL KIDS WITH WRENCHESDear Dirt Wheels,This is my 2008 Can-Am DS450 built by Kool Kids ATV. Love your mag.Cody KubinakGlen Gardner, NJ READER’S BANSHEE

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