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PRO TIPS–Cornering, jumping, whoops, ...

Jun 24, 2003Comments off2496 Views

Here you have it: a plethora of pros giving you their hard-won riding tips, secrets, and advice. They’ll fill you in on cornering, jumping, riding


Jan 03, 2002Comments off2104 Views

Mike Penland has won more Cross Country 4×4 National titles than Gary Denton has won GNC MX & TT titles. With nine National championships to

How To Make Money Racing-April’99

Nov 06, 2000Comments off957 Views

Believe it or not, you are not limited to only “spending” money when it comes to racing your quad. You can “make” some too. There

How To Insure Your ATV-May’00

Nov 06, 2000Comments off655 Views

We’ve been keeping an eye on a disturbing trend in some parts of the country. Several readers have sent newspaper clippings about “ATV Theft Rings”

How To Corner Like A Pro-June’00

Nov 06, 2000Comments off1569 Views

If you want to finish first, you must have every aspect of ATV racing down to perfection; starts, jumps, straights and especially corners. If you

How To Wheelie-Mar’00

Nov 06, 2000Comments off1019 Views

We don’t quite know what it is about wheelies, but they sure are fun to do on an ATV. And they?re not just for entertainment


Nov 06, 2000Comments off721 Views

Wintertime for ATV riders in southern California means dune time! One of the most popular areas is the sandy deserts of the Imperial Sand Dunes

How To Win At Cross Country-May ?99

Nov 06, 2000Comments off719 Views

Some folks consider cross-country events to be the purest form of ATV racing. Rather than racing for 15 or 20 minutes around a man-made motocross


Nov 06, 2000Comments off580 Views

Anyone who likes smooth, straight trails please raise your hand. We don’t imagine yours is going up, is it? Most of the ATV riders we

How To Tackle Trail Obstacles At Speed-June...

Nov 06, 2000Comments off606 Views

Pennsylvania’s Barry Hawk has been the undisputed king of the ATV cross-country racing world for the past six seasons. His points championships and dozens of

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