Championship Mud Racing at its finest!

Championship Mud Racing is a popular and growing series of races that utilizes a man-made pit filled with mud and water. For the most part the courses are round, but some are adding other shapes to the mix. There are limited classes for UTVs, but there are age and skill-level classes for ATVs, in addition to varying levels of machine modifications. The mods for classes are kept reasonable, so the racing is not prohibitively expensive. There are travel expenses for those chasing the series since the year kicks off with a race that is part of the craziness at the High Lifter Mud Nationals, and then hits other venues in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Most of the locations are roughly in a line from Jacksonville, Texas, to near New Orleans, Louisiana. Every CMR competitor must become a CMRregistered member and display the registration.

Racers accumulate points toward a series championship. You get 100 points for your CMR registration, 40 points for a race win, 30 points for second, 20 points for third. All racers are required to wear a long-sleeved jersey, a Snell- or DOT-approved fullface helmet, eye protection, gloves, riding pants (no jeans), and boots that cover the ankle (waders are okay).

The 2015 schedule is not out yet, but the series usually visits the High Lifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas, Rocks Bottom Off Road in Forest, Mississippi, Sabine ATV Park in Burkeville, Texas, Muddy Joe’s Off Road in Kiln, Mississippi, River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, Texas, and Tower Trax ATV in Fluker, Louisiana. The main classes are the Pro A class, Pro B class, RUV class, Super Modified, Youth 1 class, Youth 2 class, Youth class 3, Lite class, and Bogger class.


All classes run tires “marketed and made for ATV or RUV use only. No tracks, paddle tires, automotive tires, or agricultural tires.” The exception is the Youth 1 class for machines under 125cc. They are allowed paddle tires. In most classes the tires may be cut, but nothing can be added to the tires. Wisely, singles run in different classes than twins, even if the displacement is the same. In most classes engine modifications are limited to jet kits, air filter, performance programmer, exhaust and big-bore kits. In a limited number of high-end classes the engine mods can get a little crazier. Each ATV or UTV is limited to racing in two classes. The exceptions are the Women’s class and Youth classes where the ATV may be shared between men/women and/or youth/adult. Females may enter any class that their machine qualifies for, as well as the Women’s class, and the results show that many women take advantage of that with many top finishes against the guys.

It looks like CMR has classes for about everyone and every sort of quad and UTV, so if you want some good, dirty, race fun, check out the series. For information, go to


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