New Autonomous Feature Will Allow The Unmanned ATV To Follow a Hunter's Footpath.

The Christini Hybrid E-ATV, which is currently in its final development stage, will eventually be available with an autonomous “Hunter Mode” feature that is currently being tested for military use.

We recently broke news of the new Hybrid E-ATV coming from Christini, the same company that created the AWD dirt bike and mountain bike. To recap, the ATV uses four 20-horsepower electric hub motors and has an onboard gas generator to extend range to over 250 miles. Now we have even more exciting news from the company owner, Steve Christini. Christini tells us that he is currently working with the U.S. Military on the development of its Hybrid E-ATV for combat use. Christini already has military versions of its AWD dirt bikes, but a new feature is being developed exclusively for the Hybrid E-ATV – Hunter Mode.

A prototype Christini Hybrid E-ATV in with “Hunter Mode” is currently going through the research and development phase.

Hunter Mode will eventually make its way into civilian use. It could be very beneficial to hunters who use their ATVs for transport and game retrieval. “Hunter Mode will allow the ATV to be an autonomous robot that will follow the hunter about 20-30 yards behind in their exact footpath. We hope to have the first commercially available ATV to do this. When the tech is fully completed, we will have the option to commercialize it,” said Christini.

Christini already manufactures AWD motorcycles that are used by the Navy Seals and special forces groups overseas.

It’s evident that Christini is very proud of the company’s progress on Hunter Mode, but he was also quick to remind us of other features exclusive to the Hybrid E-ATV. “I believe this will be a big feature. However, the 250+ mile range [when using the onboard gas generator] and the offboard power is also huge.  Our offboard system can provide power even without the engine running, so you can charge or run a campsite for days without making any noise at all.”

Christini’s Hybrid E-ATV with an onboard generator is more about extending the range to over 250 miles and completing tasks that require a silent operation.


Say what you will about electric and hybrid vehicles. Some of it is warranted, and we don’t want to see gas-powered ATVs go away any more than you do. But companies like Christini AWD Vehicles continue to prove that hybrid and EV machines have a place, and it’s not all about being a “green” do-gooder. For Christini, it’s more about purpose and functionality, being able to go farther, and doing so without being noticed. Those should be attributes that we can all get behind.


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