Christmas Gift Guide! Great gifts for your riding friends and family

Every year we like to share the types of gifts we give and receive each Christmas. It’s not that we like to brag about the cool stuff we get to play with; it’s to give the readers a heads-up on some of the latest products that you and your family would also be interested in. They are all economical and practical gifts that any off-roader could use and enjoy all year long. Continue to read and see what each one of our staff members is wrapping up this December.



Helmet cams or point-of-view (POV) cameras have been hot Christmas items for the past few years. This year I am going to hook up our new guy Travis with this new action cam from Panasonic. What makes this product different than the other competition out there is that it has a loop feature that will stop and start filming of the most recent hour of footage if you leave it in record mode. That way, Travis won’t worry about running out of memory-card space. If something happens in front of him, he can stop the camera and save that particular clip. The camera can record in 920 or 1080 fps and only weighs 45 grams. Price is $180. Contact

Xmas C1_Holiday Bundle

These little lithium-ion battery packs are becoming more common and work better with every generation. We carry one on every ride to use in case of a dead battery, need a flashlight, or to charge cameras or cell phones.

Just in time for Christmas, Weego has bundled two products in one for a special price. For $130 I am picking up the JS12 heavy-duty jumper box and a compact Weego battery pack. The gift is going to my brother, who is always having problems with his Jeep and the batteries in his toy hauler. Hopefully he will get some good use out of this gift and realize I know what I am talking about and will start riding ATVs again. You can pick up all Weego products at major retailers, like Walmart and Amazon.

Xmas C3_IMG_0128

I am sending myself on an ATV riding trip in Colorado next year to watch the leaves change color. I know it sounds boring, but from the seat of an ATV, you can view some of the most scenic places in the country, like Silverton, Colorado. Middleton Motorsports Adventures offers great deals on rentals for exploring those beautiful trails.

For $260 per day, I will rent an Arctic Cat Wildcat and explore some country I haven’t seen before. Middleton has guided rides, as well as dirt bike and snowmobile rentals too. Contact them online at or call them directly at (970) 387-8774.

Xmas C4_product

Our associate editor Collin always complains that I take him on rides that are too tough. He says the trails I go on are only meant for varmints and mountain goats. So to make his time trying to keep up a little more comfortable, I am getting him a set of Rox Speed handguards. The special thing about these $180 guards is that they are wider than most guards and install in only seconds, so Collin can move the CNC-machined aluminum mounts from quad to quad with no worry. Rox is expanding their ATV products and building brand-new UTV products as we speak. Check them out online at or call them at (218) 326-1794.

Xmas C2_115263-imagesnew-ray-toyswp-959-0043jpg_1000_1000

One of the coolest facts about the RZR is that there is literally a machine for any age, starting with this 1:18 diecast replica model that I am giving to my nephew Braxton. His dad will like that I am getting him hooked on the sport early. Next, for 5–10-yearolds, the Peg Perego 24-volt batterypowered RZR is another fun kids’ toy before they grow into a RZR 170 and onto bigger machines. If you have a little tyke on your shopping list, pick up the toy RZR at for only $20. The great thing about this store is, they have products for all the bigger UTVs too. Give them a call at (855) 797-7373.



My friend Jesse recently moved to Idaho, and I don’t think he knows how cold it can get in the winter. He loves driving his Can-Am Maverick all year round, so I am getting him this laminated glass windshield from Extreme Metal Products. The laminated glass is DOT-rated. It attaches to the roll cage with six clamps that are included, providing a drill or cut-free installation. The windshield is laser-cut, CNC-formed and features a powder-coated textureblack metal frame from 14-gauge steel and a 12-inch hand-operated windshield wiper. At the price of $459.99, a couple of friends and myself pitched in a few dollars to help Jesse continue driving in the winter. You can order your windshield from Extreme Metal Products by calling (216) 267-3900 or visit


Cain got his LT-R 450 running earlier this year. It is a very clean machine, but it was missing something now that the headlight has been removed. I found the missing piece with this FourWerx Carbon LT-R 450 carbon fiber nose. It fits in place of the OEM headlight with easy installation and the supplied hardware. This nose is made from real 3k 2×2 twill carbon fiber. FourWerx Carbon has a huge selection of products for the Suzuki LT-R 450, among many other brands and models. To get this $94.50 carbon fiber nose for someone on your list, call (262) 5019696 or visit


Every time my father loads up to go camping, he is always searching for the right tie-downs to use on the trailer. I decided it would be a good gift to get him a set of four heavy-duty ratcheting tie-downs from PRP Seats. This set comes with a convenient carrying bag to help find them with ease when he needs to use them. These 2-inch-wide ratcheting tie-downs feature twisted snap hooks, axle straps and abrasion straps to protect those sensitive or painted areas. Each tiedown has a carrying capacity of 3000 pounds and a 10,000 shock-load rating. The ratchets secure our Teryx on the trailer, preventing them from coming loose during its travels. To order your $169 tie-downs, call (800) 317-6253 or visit

T4_2015-09-03 at 11.27.24 AM

Collin can be forgetful of things that should be brought out when on riding trips, which mainly includes air tools for tires, so I am getting him this 2X Tire Inflator from Slime. With this pump he can keep it in his truck at all times. This 2X Tire Inflator connects to any automotive-style battery with alligator clips and features an in-line dial-pressure gauge and a thermal break to prevent overheating. A green coil hose, 670 cm in length, allows him to reach ATVs or UTVs parked next to his vehicle. A built-in LED light will help him see the valve stem on the tires at night. This compact pump has a 1.9 CFM average and can fill a standard truck tire in two minutes. To help keep things easy for storage, a heavy-duty rigid case is supplied. To get the $99.99 2X Tire Inflator, call (888) 4575463 or visit


My friend Rick is always digging his helmet out from under all his riding gear every time we go riding, and afterwards he just puts it in the back of his truck to roll around. I figured I would get him the SE3 helmet bag from Troy Lee Designs to keep his helmet looking good and staying safe when it’s not protecting him. The bag features a micro fleece liner to prevent scratching the helmet and external storage pockets for gloves and other items. A full-length heavy-duty zipper allows for easy access of the helmet, and heavyduty carrying straps prevent the bag from falling apart. To get this $50 helmet bag, call (951) 371-5219 or visit



My coworker Travis has a tendency to take naps during his lunch breaks when we are out covering racing events on his normal cot and occasionally won’t bring a tent to sleep in just in case the weather changes. After getting caught in a rainstorm one night, I reluctantly shared my covered sleeping quarters with him. I think the Tent Cot by Kamp-Rite would be the perfect gift for Travis. He can lounge and take his lunch-break nap on it during the day, and when the weather turns rough, all he would have to do is pop up the tent part of the Tent Cot and he has shelter from the elements. A standard Tent Cot costs $159.99. You can also upgrade to bigger models like the Double Tent Cot, which fits two people. For more information on where to buy a Tent Cot, go to or call (916) 383-9460.


My brother has a worrisome obsession with lighting. The front of his quad has a 10-inch LED light bar, two 3-inch LED floodlights, along with the two stock headlights. He still complains that he can’t see exactly where he is looking, so I decided to pick him up a 60mm LED helmet light kit that comes with a lithium-ion battery pack. This way he can have the helmet light run off his quad’s battery. He can also plug it into the waist-mounted lithiumion battery pack that comes in the kit for when he steps off his machine and wants to see what he is doing. The kit sells for $274.99, and you can look into it at or call (360) 687-4530.


My brother Garrick always goes riding wearing a normal backpack to carry water and other items in. Every time he is thirsty, he has to take the backpack off to get to his water bottles. I decided to get him Leatt’s F4 hydration system that has a 3-liter water bladder and three storage pockets with dividers for multiple items. There is an extendable outside pocket that can hold larger items, like a full-face helmet. The straps are easily adjustable and allow for a full range of movement of your arms while riding. The F4 hydro pack costs $139, and you can get it at www.leatt .com or call (800) 691-3314.

Xmas-CD2-1.7 Six-Brush Kit

My good buddy Dave always seems to struggle with cleaning his machines. There is always leftover dirt and grime on his stuff that could easily be taken care of with an assortment of specialty brushes. Matrix Racing Products sells a six-pack brush kit as part of their 1.7 Cleaning brand. These deep-detailing brushes will help keep his toys looking new when used with quality cleaning soaps that Matrix also carries. Now Dave won’t have any more excuses if his bikes don’t come out looking nice and shiny. If you want to gift this brush set to one of your buddies, it costs $69.95, and you can get it by going to www.matrixracingproducts .com or call (661) 253-1592.


Cain tends to wear out gloves until there are holes in them, which provides great airflow but makes the gloves worthless in terms of hand protection. I often think he does this on purpose. Mechanix Wear has the Specialty Vent gloves that mixes high airflow to the hands with perforated material and still protects them from the machines Cain works on. No more “accidental” air holes in his gloves when he has the Specialty Vent gloves to keep his hands cool. The pair retails for $27.95, and you can buy them at or call (800) 222-4296.

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