q Dirt Wheels has been proud to speak with several of the many ATV organizations from the around the United States through “Club Profiles.” Through this series, we’re given the opportunity to show off these groups of enthusiasts that are, without a doubt, the heart of our sport. This month, Dirt Wheels had a chance to speak with fellow ATV enthusiasts from the North. Canada has one of the largest ATV followings in the world. Their sales are on par with the United States, and their enthusiasts are just as die-hard.

For this month’s “Club Profile,” we headed to Ontario, Canada, to speak with the Maguire’s Motocross Racing Club (MMRC). MMRC started as small group offering instruction and a safe riding environment to friends and family. Now, it has nearly 700 members and is one of Canada’s largest groups of ATV enthusiasts.

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Dirt Wheels: Is ATV riding as popular in Canada as it is in the U.S.?

Maguire’s Motocross: ATVing, on a per capita basis, is at least as popular as it is in the USA. Just about everyone who lives in rural Canada has an ATV of some kind.

DW: Which brand of ATVs do you find on the tracks and trails?

MMRC: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, KTM, Apex, Eton, etc. We ride the same makes and models that are in the USA.

DW: How did your club get started?

MMRC: The club [Maguire’s Motocross Racing Series:] was started by John and Jean Maguire of Mutco Mountain [in Centreton, Ontario], who had extensive experience with MX and organizing, hosting and coaching sporting activities and events. They had tracks available to them and wanted to provide instruction and a safe riding environment. The club was formed in 2005 initially catering to dirt bikes and large quads [i.e., 450cc] but with a welcome invitation to quads of all sizes. By 2007, there were enough quads that it required the club to plan and schedule weekly events for over 10 different classes of quads. The club to this day splits its time on the track with dirt bikes, meaning each practice or race day is split between the quads and the dirt bikes.

DW: How many members does it have?

MMRC: In 2010, MMRC had over 650 members. They also have day passes for riders who want to race only occasionally.

DW: Tell us more about the MX tracks your club members ride on.

MMRC: Each one is 2 to 3 minutes per lap, and all are located in south-central Ontario. [Muttco Mountain, Centreton; Rocky Ridge, Frankford; Fair Grounds, Madoc]; Thundermud, Lindsay; Cochranes, Brighton/Grafton; Day Motorsports Park, Harrowsmith.]

DW: Are there regular club meetings?

MMRC: The organizers have meetings to deal with operations, staff training, safety, scheduling, policies and procedures. Members meet every race weekend to review safety procedures and events or happenings related to the club.

DW: Are there any dues or fees associated with being in the club?

MMRC: We have single and family membership fees. These help to pay for medics, insurance and track maintenance.

DW: What are the regular yearly events that your club attends or puts on as a group?

MMRC: In 2010, we had one ATV school, 23 practice days and 20 race days. The season is split into three segments [spring, summer and fall series]. At the end of the season, we also have a Fun Day with motorsport-related fun events, like        the “Dash For Cash,” an all-quads relay, musical quads and the mom’s and dad’s race where parents race on their kids quads. These events are followed by a BBQ, where awards for the year are presented. In the evening there is a dance. 

DW: What else would you like to tell us?

MMRC: The club is extremely family orientated, with everyone knowing and assisting others inside and outside of their own race class. This includes assistance on and off the track in the way of riding tips and pointers, mechanical expertise, the loaning of parts and tools for repairs and more, like dinners, campfires and swimming excursions. Each of the track locations also doubles as a campground, and the majority of the membership shows up every weekend with their tents, trailers or motorhomes to make it a family outing each and every weekend from spring through fall. There is a race class for just about anyone who chooses to participate, from mini beginner to ladies, sportsman and ATV advanced. Go to to become a member and check out the 2011 schedule of events. q


For those near Ontario, Canada, but not into racing, there is another local group who rides trails and spends time keeping them open and maintained. Check out
There are race classes from mini beginners to ATV advanced at seven different racetracks. There is always food on hand and many BBQs throughout the year as well. Check out
Each race weekend, nearly every member makes it out to compete. The pits are usually packed with RVs, campers and ATVs of all sizes!
Maguire’s Motocross Racing is very family-oriented. All of the kids have fun together, whether it’s during practice or battling in a race. 
Members usually meet—before races begin—to review safety procedures and events or happenings related to the club.

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