Common ATV Maintenance Mistakes That Can Damage Your Vehicle

Regular maintenance is important for any vehicle, and an ATV is no exception. Driving rashly, crashing your quad, or submerging it in the mud are just some of the ways of ruining your vehicle. Not giving your quad the TLC it deserves means it won’t last for long.
To ensure the longevity of your ATV, don’t make these common mistakes.

Not cleaning the air filter

Engines wear down quickly if they are filled with dust particles along with air. Though you can buy a new engine, why waste your money when you can avoid the problem in the first place? Make a habit of cleaning the air filters regularly, especially after the mud-rides. Cleaning the air filters takes a few minutes and saves your hard-earned cash down the road.

Not changing the oil

The engine oil gets polluted with dirt and debris with every ride. Ideally, you should change the engine oil once a year. But if you’re a frequent rider (ask yourself!), you might want to change it once every six months. You can also change it before storing your quad away for winter. This is a doable and DIY task, so no excuses to put it off.

Not taking care of the wheels

Tasks like this can easily slip through the cracks. So, it’s advisable to mention it in your maintenance schedule. The ATV tires have several nuts and bolts like Skid plate bolts, lug nuts, pivot bolts, axle nuts, sprocket bolts, wheel hubs that can’t go unchecked. Make a habit of checking the tires after every few days as they take the direct impact from the terrain and are more likely to wear out quickly.

Lack of Washing

You may think that giving your quad a hose-down every once in a while should do. But that’s not the case. There’s a lot more caked-on dirt hidden in your vehicle. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Ensure that you clean the undercarriage thoroughly, as it is the least washed up area in ATVs.

Letting the radiator clog up

If you’ve been frequently riding through areas full of mud, dirt, or sand, your radiator must be getting choked real bad. This will lead to an overheated engine. If not attended soon, you might find yourself in a local garage with your quad as the repair is out of your hands.

To avoid this, break out the pressure washer and clean the radiator after every few muddy rides. If the radiator is clean, water will flow through it and won’t splash back at you.

Allowing the fuel to go bad

If the same gas is present inside your ATV’s fuel tank for months, chances are, it has begun to break down. After bringing your vehicle out of the winter hibernation, empty the fuel tank in a properly-ventilated area.

Bad fuel will ultimately jam up your lines. If you don’t want the problem to escalate, try not to let the gas stay in your vehicle for long.


Not Greasing it Properly

Remember this sentence:
Grease is good. Grease is great. Grease is better on your quad than on your plate.

Yes. Be it your plate or your quad’s bearings, grease is definitely good! After you’re done with the chicken wing, it’s time to feed your ATV with its grease. Greasing the pivots and bearings on your quad goes a long way in ensuring its longevity. Certain areas that can’t operate with grease include:


  • Pivot bolt
  • Carrier bearings (axle)
  • Steering stem bushing
  • A-arm bushings or bearings
  • Front hub bearings

Wrapping Up

As much as taking care of your ATV is important, you need to ensure your safety as well. Wearing body armour while riding through rough areas and not over speeding are the basics you shouldn’t ignore. The tips mentioned in this article are simple and can be done in your own garage. They require minimal time, so there is really no excuse if you desire a long life for your amazing quad.

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