Top GNCC contender Chris Borich runs CV Products, including transmission components and radiator hoses.

North Carolina is known as the heart of NASCAR country, as well as one of the largest ATVing states in the country. It is also home to a performance company called CV Products. “CV,” short for Clyde Vickers, who is the owner and CEO of the company, and is also the father of Brian Vickers. Brian is a very popular racecar driver, who runs the #83 Red Bull Toyota on the NASCAR circuit.
Also known as CV4 and Xceldyne, CV has been building titanium valve train components, among other things, for Formula-1 and its support series, NASCAR, Indy cars, NHRA, Moto-GP, World Rally, Supercross, and almost any other major sanctioned racing organization worldwide for years. Now, with the knowledge they have developed through years with these top circuits, CV has entered the ATV side of things. Could you imagine, their $50 million dollar facility in North Carolina is now spitting out ATV products? We picked CV Marketing manager Rob Celendano’s brain, and he told us all about what CV has to offer for ATVs for 2009.

Dirt Wheels: Tell us about CV Products?
Rob Celendano: We are a company of almost 200 employees that do nothing but build parts for the racing community. We have our own anodizing facility on the grounds, and we do all of our own heat-treating in-house. We even have our own embroidery facility here for all of the race teams, where we supply driver and team uniforms.
All of that, and we also have an Xceldyne “Europe” facility, located in France, to serve the European market. Sit back a moment and see how many businesses you can think of in the ATV market that can actually boast those same credentials.
As an example, when we build a valve for a quad, it runs through the same line, and sees all of the same processes (including quality-control) that a valve we build for a Formula-1 application does. We are a true manufacturer, not just a re-packager in the market, like a lot of other companies are. We support the racing world by the investments we make in it.

CV has been building titanium valve train components, among other things,  for Formula-1 and its support series, NASCAR, Indy cars, NHRA, Moto-GP, World Rally, Supercross, and almost any other major sanctioned racing organization worldwide for years. Now they are available for most sport ATVS.

DW: What ATV racers do they sponsor?
RC: We’ve worked with a lot of the top ATV racers/teams out there over the last couple of years; some of the names are folks like Gust, Wimmer, Weinen and Borich, also Pat Brown, John Natalie, and William Yokley, just to name a few. These are the same guys we use for product testing, and development.
DW: What products do you carry for ATV’s? Do any of these products cross over to NASCAR products such as Heat tape/temp strips? If so, exactly how do they? Where on a NASCAR car do they use them?
RC: The largest amount of cross­over we have regarding types of product falls back to our bread and butter, and that’s valvetrain. The same processes that we utilize to build valvetrain parts for Formula 1 or any of the NASCAR divisions, goes into making the same parts for ATVs. Titanium valves, titanium retainers, beryllium-copper valve seats, valve guides, valve locks, and more all go through the same checks and balances to attain the finest parts that can be put in an engine today.
The heat film is typical of one product that we derived from other markets. It’s used in many places to keep heat to a minimum like floorboards and firewalls, to add driver comfort, but also on the bottom side of air cleaner housings, intake plenums on Indy cars, dry-sump oil tanks, brake ducting and even the inside of wheels to cut down on brake heat affecting tire pressures.
DW: Do you have any more ATV products in the works?
RC: We’re very excited about some of our newest ventures in the works right now. One of those items is a product that will replace the self-adhesive thermal film on the gas tank on some of the more popular ATVs. For the folks that really race a lot and hit the bike with the pressure washer all of the time, it will be a blessing for sure. It’s called “Fuel-Kool” and it’s designed to reflect heat away from the tank much like the film does, but it’s actually a one-piece cover that attaches to the bottom of the tank, and is removable for cleaning etc.

CV Products sponsored GNC front-runners like 2008 Champ, Suzuki’s Dustin Wimmer, and Yamaha’s Pat Brown. Their products are tested hard all season long!

Also, we have a new engine part that is another descendant from our work with Formula-1, in the form of a high-tech cam bucket. A good portion of the single cylinder engines in sport quads (mainly the 450’s), are really just a miniature F-1 engine. The buckets we’ve built are made from special materials that allow them to be lighter than stock (helping acceleration) stronger then stock (helping to retain true cam events) and uses a DLC coating to make them ultra-slick (reducing drag and heat to free up more horsepower) 
We’re also working in conjunction with Goodyear to develop and release a new belt for the CVT-driven quads out there that will be a Kevlar-reinforced belt for unparalleled strength and wear properties. We work closely with them in developing belt-driven components in the automotive racing world, so keeping up the tradition in this market with them is a natural.
DW: Tell our readers how they can contact CV Products.
RC: You can visit our websites at, or www.cv4.­net, or call (800) 448-1223. Thank you guys at Dirt Wheels, and we look forward to serving the ATV community.

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