Wheel Bearing Greasers from Machined Integrations LLC


Here is the tool that Machined Integrations LLC has had to add grease to your 4×4 ATV or UTV’s wheel bearings. A very efficient and handy item, but it did require you to pull the axle out first.

So now, here is a new tool they came out with for adding grease that slips over your axle. This makes it even easier and simpler. Machine Integrations LLC calls it their Multi-ported, Over-the-Axle Wheel Bearing Grease Tool.

The president of the company says — “Wheel bearings for ATV’S and UTV’S often do not come with enough bearing grease to sustain the use needed, to keep riding without fail. Limited grease leaves voids for water and dirt to enter and remain in the bearings. Without proper maintenance, the bearings may fail prematurely. Machined Integrations’ Wheel Bearing Grease tools allow you to easily add and maintain grease to your wheel bearings.”


PRICE: $48 (for RZR 900 – 1000)

Machined Integrations is a contract manufacturer of machined, precision parts.  The company has been building it’s patent-pending, high-quality wheel bearing grease tools since 2016. The company’s wheel bearing grease tools fit most popular ATV and UTVs.  For more information please visit:


Machined Integrations, LLC
P.O. Box 396

Merrimack, NH 03054

(800) 717-6869

(603) 420-8871

[email protected]

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