CST Athlete Spotlight: Cory Sappington talking racing


Cory Sappington has been riding since 1978. Since then, he has competed in over 200 off-road races. In 2005, Cory combined his Arizona origins and love of off-road racing to create the sport of UTV desert racing. This past weekend, Cory took on the legendary Vegas to Reno race in his freshly built Can-Am Maverick with the help of CST Lobo tires.


If the name Cory Sappington sounds familiar, it’s because he is essentially “The God Father of UTV Desert Racing”. He was the first to race a UTV in the desert back in 2005. Cory is now the owner of Desert Toyz Motorsports, as well as the manager and tech inspector for the BITD UTV class.


Sappington raced Vegas to Reno over the weekend in a machine so freshly put together that his only test drive was his cruise to the start line. With the advantage of starting 9th, the Desert Toyz Racing Team faced over heating and low voltage issues but pulled off 16th place out of 53.


The merciless 550-mile course was no match for this veteran racer. This kind of race is all about strategy while a good portion is about just not breaking down. So many factors help racers survive such a long and harsh race. From broken belt to bad fabrication, so many malfunctions can cause a driver to go from first to last. With all the moving parts of racing, the last thing drivers want to worry about is blowing through tires all day. Driver of the 904 Can-Am trusts the CST Lobo tires to guide him through the treacherous desert terrain. Here’s why:

“One of the major benefits of the CST Lobo is it allows us to run low air pressure which gives us a bigger footprint. That gives us more traction, better floatation, but even with the low air pressure it still has really good durability and strength that keeps us from getting pinch flats….It’s a lot lighter than other UTV tires which gives us less spinning weight, increases RPM and allows our cars to go faster.”



“As a racer that’s what your looking for, the confidence that our machine and your equipment is going to perform the way you expect it to consistently. At the end of the day, that wins races.”

Sappington is serious about his love for driving and being challenged by each race. “This is what I do! My biggest motivator is my passion for desert racing.” Follow Cory as he makes the desert his domain with CST Lobo tires by checking out his CST Athlete page and look for him in the SCORE and BITD desert series.

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