CST Tires Athlete Spotlight: Nick Gennusa


Over the course of the next 12 weeks, we will be teaming up with CST tires to showcase some of their sponsored athletes. We hope to give you an inside look into what it takes to race and how these athletes got there; the legends behind the names.

Hailing from New Jersey, Nick Gennusa has been on the verge of claiming his first overall podium position all season and is currently seated in fifth for the Overall National Championship Standings. We had a chance to shine the spotlight on Gennusa and get some exclusive insight into what has helped make him succeed in the race circuit.

Nick Gennusa will be looking to earn his first overall podium finish at RedBud after a third in moto two at Unadilla



Dirt Wheels: When and why did you start racing? What was the first thing you raced?

Gennusa: I started racing when I was 9 years old. I got my first quad which was a Lem 50 at 3 years old, I rode the Lem until I was 7, when I was 8 I got an Eton 90 and that’s the machine I raced at Englishtown Raceway Park in my home state of NJ. I got my butt kicked but I was hooked haha! I was on a stock quad, all the other kids I was racing against with quads that were all modded out.

Nick is currently racing a Honda TRX450R and we’re sure that all those kids he raced against back in the day would be envious of not only his success on the track, but his machine that is probably more modified than theirs ever were at the time.

Unadilla MX is as close as the series gets to Nick Gennusa’s home state of New Jersey, so this weekend Gennusa will be pushing to earn his first overall podium finish.

Dirt Wheels: Which track is your favorite to race, and which is the most challenging?

Gennusa: I always like Unadilla, that would have to be my favorite. I like tracks with big elevation, high speed and big jumps. I enjoy really rough tracks too.

As far as the hardest track in my opinion depends on the year. Some can be tougher than others or more technical than others from year to year. I would say Sunset Ridge Illinois, or Red Bud Michigan could be the hardest because of how tough they can get. I would say the tracks aren’t hard, but it’s the other riders that can make a track very hard when everyone is fast.

Sam Rowe and Nick Gennusa both put it good rides at the ATVMX National in Illinois.



If you like to ride rough tracks like Nick, then you know that tire choice is key. Whether you race every weekend and train daily or you only ride when you can get the chance, a lasting tire helps you get more out of each ride and more rides out of your tires.

Dirt Wheels: You are a CST sponsored athlete, so which tires do prefer and why?

Gennusa: The Pulse MX tire is hands down the best tire for ATV Motocross. With the two different tire compounds for the rear, you have options for each track. For a hard packed track, I run the softer rear tire, and for a more sandy track I will run the hard compound! Amazing, and they hold up great. I’m always blown away and so happy about my switch to CST.

Nick Gennusa is hoping to earn his first overall podium finish of the season this Saturday in Illinois.

Now that we know what kind of tires the pros use, we wanted to know how important tire choice really is when you are racing or just going out to ride on the weekend.

“Tires are everything, and a bad tire can ruin your day. It can give you a flat or not have great traction, causing you lose time or get passed! Get on CST Tires ASAP!!”

Nick Gennusa is hoping his hardwork will pay off heading into round four, so he can earn his first overall podium finish.



The little things can sometimes make the biggest difference. Nick gave us three great tips on small things we can all do to go bigger instead of going home: “Correct tire pressure is key, I’m not just saying that either! If your tires are a pound or a few off it can make the quad handle like junk! On any tire this is something that any rider or racers should keep track of for every ride. Having your suspension set up for the specific track you are riding is another key, and gearing can be critical as well.”

To find out more about Nick Gennusa check out his CST Athlete Page, and to watch him race check out the ATVMX broadcast schedule. For race reports, check back right here on Mondays.

*answers have been edited for clarity

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