Is a Tesla quad in your future?


This Cyberquad is a scaled down version of the quad we saw in the back of the yet to be released Cybertruck over a year ago. That quad was actually a Raptor 700 with the gas engine replace by an electric motor of some sort. 

This $1900 Tesla quad looks like a rebodied, $1200 Razor Dirt Quad 500  aimed for a younger audience. Tesla says the Cyberquad is Powered by a lithium-ion battery with up to 15 miles of range and a configurable top speed of 10 mph.

We hope to see current Tesla owners buying these up for their kiddos in hopes of getting them into a little out door recreation.  The Cyberquad for Kids is suitable for anyone 8-years old and up.


Product Details

The maximum weight capacity is for Kids is 150 lbs.

The recommended minimum age is Kids is 8 years and up.

The quad has three speed settings. The speed settings can be limited to a maximum of 5 MPH for new riders if desired.



  • Setting 1: 5 mph
  • Setting 2: 10 mph
  • Reverse: 5 mph only

The Cyberquad for Kids battery has an estimated range of 15+ miles. The battery range can vary by user’s weight, riding terrain and speed.

A completely discharged battery can take up to 5 hours to completely charge. For full charging instructions, download a copy of the Cyberquad for Kids assembly instructions.

How do I assemble my Cyberquad for Kids?

Download a copy of the Cyberquad for Kids assembly instructions.


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