Their GPR unit is the hot ticket for sport quads


One of the things that can tire you out on a ride is the handlebars twitching back and forth. This is especially true with high-performance quads with wider A-arms and long travel suspension. As you’re moving quickly down a trail the front tires are deflecting off of rocks, roots and ruts, which kicks the bars as you’re trying to hang on.

The best solution to that is a steering stabilizer. This is a small aluminum container device that has hydraulic fluid with a wiper moving inside as the handlebars are turned. You can dial in less or more damping to that movement.

Duncan Racing is a company that knows a thing or two about fast quads since they build some of the fastest. A standard part they add to their project machines is the steering stabilizer they sell made by GPR. You specify which model sport quad you own and they provide you with the necessary linkages and mounts to install a GPR unit to your machine and its steering shaft.

They have GPRs for the Honda 450R, 250R 400EX, 700XX, Yamaha Banshee, YFZ450, Raptor 700, Suzuki Z400, LTR450, Quadracers, Kawasaki KFX450, Can-Am DS450, and KTM quads. If your sport quad is not on their list, then give them a call and they may offer something that’ll work. They also have GPRs for dirt bikes too.



What Duncan Racing has to say about their GPR Steering Stabilizer:

*GPR offers the industries finest quality stabilizer used by world champions and recreation riders alike

*GPR Stabilizer Kits bolt-on. No cutting or welding required

·V-1 Series Stabilizers offer Hi-Lo speed adjustment simultaneously.

·Adjustable dial on stabilizer – 360° of adjustment.

·GPR has over 30+ years of experience in the aircraft hydraulic industry.

·Stabilizers and mount kits are made from aircraft 6061 T-6.

·Sealed Bearing Hyme Joints used.

*Standard Low Boy Stabilizers are available in Red, Blue, or Black anodizing.

*Mount frame available in Black only

Life Time Warranty (original purchaser)

Lifetime Service (original purchaser)

(All shipping/handling cost to be paid by customer. Contact GPR directly for more information on Service & Warranty)

FOR MORE INFO> http://www.duncanracing.com/index.phtml

OR CALL> (619) 258-6306

GET YOUR $25 GIFT CARD> https://hi-torque.com/product/dirt-wheels-holiday/



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