Dune Recovery Truck

Suzuki truck at St Anthony Dunes.

Tyler Hansen lives near the St. Anthony dunes in Eastern Idaho and owns Hansen Sled & Cycle Performance. While he may be known for fixing and modifying machines for the locals in the area, a picture of his recovery truck in the dunes that caught our attention. 

He tells us  “I once recovered a 10mm super cub banshee from the bottom of Choke Cherry. I came in from above, dropped down choke. Picked it up and left out the bottom trail heading east on what we call the consolation trail. With the extra 350lbs in the back it still scratched and clawed it’s way up out of there with no issues. It gets lots of looks and attention. I live 10 minutes from the sand and can jump in and go at a moments notice.”

The truck is a 2009 Suzuki Carry KEI. It’s a 4×4 with low range. It has a 660cc 3 cylinder fuel injected gasoline engine. With the tires aired down it actually gets around really well out there. He will be upgrading the recovery tires to 23 -12×12 lawn tractor tires for a much bigger foot print. 

If you are at the dunes this fall and need any work on your ride, be sure to look up HSC Performance right on 4th N in Saint Anthony ID. He does everything from services and oil changes to full engine rebuilds and performance application. He also tells us  “I specialize in high performance engines of all types. From vintage drag snowmobiles to hill shooter 2 & 4 strokes. I do all in house port work and tuning. Alcohol conversions etc. I host an ATV grudge racing event called Race Day the last Saturday every month during the summer. I’m big into ATV’s and trying to keep the sport alive where SXS’s have taken over.”

Need to ship your truck? Check shipping rates for your area and find a price that can work for you. 

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