DXTrigger – Our test of the throttle lever

Whether you love them or hate them, thumb throttles are what come standard on every ATV sold. We like them, but do find times when our thumb gets sore out on the trails and can use a rest. The only options we have tried in recent years are the standard motorcycle twist throttle and a couple versions that are all in one and allow you to use the thumb throttle or twist grip.


Enter the DXTrigger. This is a lever mechanism that works by operating your stock thumb throttle remotely with a finger-operated lever. For now, the DXTrigger is only available for Honda sport and utility ATVs from 1997 until 2014. With the only exception being 2006 and newer, 450R’s. More model and brand options are in the works.

The half-inch-thick composite mechanism installs very quickly. All you do is remove the three Phillips screws on the top of the stock throttle, remove the cap, place the DXTrigger on and replace your throttle cap. On the Honda Rincon we used, it took under five minutes, and the only modification we made was loosening the tie wraps on the cables and electrical wires that run down the side of the handlebar. You don’t need any additional cables, and new longer screws are included in the kit.

When you install the DXTrigger, you will see how it works. A thin piece of steel slips behind the stock enclosed throttle arm, then when you pull the trigger, it moves the arm and cable just like Honda intended.

The builder of the product did a great job coming up with a lever bend and placement that doesn’t make using it any more lazy or aggressive as using the stock thumb lever. We found it was best to slide our hand to the outer portion of the bar, then wrap one or two fingers around the lever and take off. That way the thumb lever, which still moves, wouldn’t hit our thumb if it ever reached full throttle.



For only $124, plus $15 shipping and handling, the DXTrigger is a perfect option for Honda ATV owners who spend a lot of time in the saddle and have experienced sore-thumb syndrome. It’s also a good back up in case your stock throttle lever breaks or falls off. Other brand machines may need this even more than the Honda. You can buy it at www.dxtrigger.com, or just check the site to see when new products are available.

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