PRODUCT EVAL: Dynaplug Pro Extreme tubeless repair & Mini Pro Inflator GT

Getting a flat tire out on the trails is never fun, and it’s not always the simplest task to repair. Carrying a full-size spare can be impractical, so your best bet would be a plug kit and air compressor. Air compressors haven’t always been compact enough to carry around when you go riding, but the Mini Pro Inflator GT compressor and the Dynaplug Pro Xtreme tubeless-tire repair kit solve that problem.


The Dynaplug kit includes eight tire-repair plugs, three insertion tubes, one air stopper with clearing attachment and a pipe cleaner for $69.99 that fits inside the repair tool’s handle. Its compact size of just over 5 inches in length and a width of 1.75 inches saves space to fit into your pack or machine’s storage easily, and it only weighs 4 ounces for the aluminum tool or 11.5 ounces for the stainless steel version. The repair plug material is made with a viscoelastic impregnated rubber that is mated to a nonabrasive brass tip. Each insertion tube is made from hardened 305 stainless steel.

The Dynaplug Pro Xtreme kit comes with an air-stopper tool that you simply insert into the hole in the tire to stop air leakage until you are ready to use the plug tool. The end cap on the Pro Xtreme tool has a broad, flat surface to help with pushing the plug into the tire. It is strong enough to be tapped on with a hammer. You can repair punctures with a minimum tire thickness of 3/16 inches up to 1 1/8-inch thick at the point of the puncture. The Pro Xtreme’s end cap unscrews to carry the clearing attachment, air stopper, pipe cleaner and insertion tubes with plugs. Replacement plugs come in a pack of five for $14.99. Compared to other plugs, the Dynaplugs are smaller in diameter, so you would need to use a few to plug a bigger hole. Competing manufacturers like Safety Seal sell kits for $44.95 that include 30 repair plugs; a metal T-handle insertion tool and T-handle probing tool; an extra insertion needle; and lube in a durable, impact-resistant carrying case. However, lugging a case that big around on the trail is a hassle, and in most cases, you won’t need 30 repair plugs.


The Mini Pro inflator weighs in at 18.2 ounces and measures 4.75 by 6 by 2 inches to save space when you go riding. It has a 9-foot power cord that can reach your truck’s cigarette lighter or your quad’s battery with alligator clips. The air hose is 3 feet long and has three different-style inflator tips. The Mini Pro Inflator comes with a dual-compartment pouch all for a price of $79.95.

This tire inflator made life easy for us a few times, including an evening ride. A back-lit pressure gauge with psi/bar readout and a bright LED work light made it easy for us to fill our flat tire in the dark. This pump is perfect for smaller ATV/UTV tires but can be used on bigger applications, such as trailer or truck tires. The Mini Pro Inflator won’t fill a tire that fast, but it only took a few minutes to fill a UTV tire up to 20 psi. A fan-cooled motor helps prevent overheating during long periods of use. To inflate tires, you simply attach it to your power source, screw the inflator valve onto the tire’s valve stem and turn the Pro Inflator on.


The Dynaplug Pro Xtreme pairs well with the Mini Pro Inflator. They are both lightweight and compact enough to carry along on your riding expeditions. Getting a flat tire is always a bummer, but you can rest assured that you will be able to get back to camp with these kits. To order these products from Dynaplug, you can visit them at or call (530) 345-8000.

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