— Fueling our race-ready YXZ’s thirst, By the staff of Dirt Wheels —

Dynojet’s fuel system made for a killer holeshot in our 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS at the Glen Helen WORCS race. Impressive for just an exhaust and Dynojet parts installed.

Our YXZ1000R SS creates decent power at around 112 horsepower from the crank, but it’s not enough to holeshot the competition at a WORCS race. You may recall that we installed a full Akrapovic titanium exhaust on this machine, and when you install an exhaust for closed-course racing, you need to add the correct fuel mapping or you could damage the engine.

Since all the new performance UTVs and ATVs are fuel-injected, simply changing out a jet for tuning isn’t possible any longer. There are a few companies that offer fuel tuners, but we wanted to use one of the most trusted companies for our fueling needs. Dynojet has been around for years, and before they were making maps for fuel-injected machines, they made simple jet kits that included information on how to jet for different elevations and exhausts/intakes. After many years of testing and mapping, the Dynojet Power Commander V and Autotune fuel-injection modules give machines the correct fuel for newfound power.

The Power Commander V and Autotune fuel-management systems are awesome for closed-course racing. The PC V gives the machine the correct fuel for an aftermarket exhaust. The Autotune automatically adjusts for different altitudes or weather changes.


Dynojet’s $399.99 Power Commander V is for closed-course racing only and gives any fuel-injected machine the correct fuel it needs when running an aftermarket exhaust or intake system. It comes with a USB cable that allows the user to download different maps or standard ones for certain upgrades. This also allows you to update the firmware, if needed, on the unit.

The Commander V has a two-position map-switching function built in, and when used with its optional $34.99 map selection switch, you can change between two fuel maps on the fly. Other features that the Commander V has is a gear input (allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed), analog input (allows user to install any 0–5-volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature), 10 throttle-position columns and an enhanced-acceleration pump utility.


The $279.95 Dynojet Autotune kit is an add-on accessory for closed-course racing that can be used with any Power Commander Vs. It connects to the PC V with a single cable and requires only a ground and positive 12-volt connection to install. If your exhaust does not already have one, a weld-in O2 sensor bung is included. The Autotune virtually has the same technology that Dynojet’s patented Tuning Link dynamometer software uses, along with Bosch Wide Band O2 sensors, and miniaturized it to be used on your ATV or UTV while you ride.

Once installed, the Autotune kit monitors the fuel mixture. It then sends this information to the PC V and automatically corrects it while you ride. This lets you simply plug in the unit and let it do the work. For advanced users that like to change the air/fuel ratios from Dynojet’s baseline, they are fully adjustable.


Installing the Power Commander and Autotune was very simple, and most of it is plug-and-play. Both units come with high-strength Velcro that we used to mount the modules inside the storage area in the front of the bed. Just for a test, we started the YXZ after we installed the Akrapovic exhaust. As expected, it ran like it was gasping for air. The Power Commander, mixed with the automatic tuning from the Autotune, gave the YXZ the proper fuel that it needed. It was instant throttle control and gave the YXZ a lot more pep in its step, especially off the bottom end.

It’s also a great feeling knowing no matter where we go race the Yamaha, the Dynojet products will automatically adjust to the elevation and the abuse it will receive. For more information on Dynojet’s products, visit their website at or call (800) 992-4993.

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