Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your UTV

A utility terrain vehicle (UTV) is a precious investment for any sportsman or off-road racing enthusiast. It is also a game-changer when it comes to accessing an off-road job site. Just like your home, truck, or any other expensive purchase, you want it to last as long as possible. A few minutes spent in the garage can save you hours of exasperation in the country. Read on for a few tips for how to extend the life of your UTV.

1.   Check and change the oil and oil filter regularly

Topping up the oil as needed and regularly changing it and oil filters is one the most vital maintenance tasks for your UTV. While it’s an obvious maintenance task for every automotive owner, it is easy to neglect. Checking the oil in your UTV is simple, and changing it is even easier than in your truck or car. Be sure to check the oil every time you want to take your UTV for a ride to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the engine. When topping off your oil, be cautious not to overfill, as it can cause the engine to overheat. A UTV holds a smaller amount of oil compared to your car or truck, and topping up the oil should be easier.

2.   Be smart and be safe

A UTV is an expensive vehicle, and it’s vital to understand the limitations of your ride as well as your own. If there is a steep hill you aren’t sure you can ride, you would do well to avoid it. Either your UTV will obey the laws of physics and roll over, or your limited riding ability will lead to a grave mistake. Accidents are often a mixture of both, and you may end up hurt, or your ride will suffer significant damage. Repairs are expensive, and while you may have a good auto insurance cover, you are irreplaceable.

3.   Check the coolant level

While you don’t need to check the coolant level of your UTV before every ride, you don’t want to go for extended periods without checking it. Check your engine coolant regularly and top it up when necessary. While doing so, be sure to inspect the fittings and lines to ensure they are in good shape.

4.   Inspect the tires

UTVs will only perform as they are supposed to if the tires are in good condition. If your machine has been sitting in the storage for a long time, ensure you check the tires before taking it on a ride. Naturally, tires lose their pressure over time, and you may need to add some air.


Extending the life of your UTV involves a lot of care, thought, and maintenance, and the above-listed tips are a good place to start. Change the oil and oil filters regularly, inspect the tires and coolant level, and most importantly, don’t be foolish – don’t push yourself or your machine beyond its limitations.

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